May 10, 2017

Lunations: Scorpio Full Moon





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We are entering the portal, allowing a deep release of all that does not serve. All that is not aligned with our truest, most authentic self and DAMN does it feel good! Its time to rise without our masks. To let go of fear, self sabotage and all that we have adopted as part of ourselves that in truth was not aligned with who we are and what we want. 

Because its not time to do as they have done it. Its not time to present an image of ourselves that we think will be more accepted or liked. Its time to do it as we know we, and we alone can do it. To slap our personal magic on everything we do and have no fucks as to who likes it and who doesn’t. 

Because when we do things in our own special way we attract those beautiful creatures who are going to dig what we are putting down. They will want to be part of that because it will be in alignment with who they are. And yes, there may be some people who don’t-some people who are not in alignment with our truest, most vibest self. And they may leave and that’s ok. Thats alright to say goodbye whether its to a job, a relationship or anything else. 

Because the medicine of this transit is that anything leaving now, anything ending now, anything that is scrambling out of our life like its got some place else to be-well its meant to leave. Its meant to be released and we are meant to allow it all to happen without judgement or fear but with the understanding that its an opening. A portal for us to find what we truly value. To find who we are and what is best for us and to do things our way. 

If you have not already be sure to sign up for Lunations on the Welcome page (you can click my name above to get there). I have sent out a powerful guided meditation for releasing all that no longer serves and brings integration to our purest, most authentic self. 




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