September 18, 2018

Love, Sex & Astrology: Aries





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Oh the fire, passion and adventure of an Aries! They are all of the alluring and still dangerous qualities of fire rolled into one. Getting close to an Aries is a chance that you will be burned. Or a chance that you cultivate a relationship that never dulls and keeps life abundant with adventure.

Lets dig in….

Element: Fire-as in a 5 alarm, uncontained, wildland scorched Earth, FIYAH.

Symbol: Ram, the animal of daring moves and constant conquest.

Planet: Mars-who brings all the unbridled passion, power and pursuit to the yard.

Romantic MO: Always DTF (down to f#ck)

Pick up line: I’m on fire. Can I run through your sprinkler? (such a goodie from

Aries is a force that takes you by storm, whether you are ready or not. They are fun, engaging, athletic and always looking to come out ahead of any competition perceive or true. They adore a challenge and the more of one you present the more interested they become.  They will chase after you no matter how many doors you close or drinks you throw in their face. You can thank their ruler, Mars, for their unrelenting pursuit. They will go to great lengths to get your attention and treat the word “no” more like a “not yet”. In the #MeToo Era, this quality has likely proved a bit dicey.

Harvey Weinstein’s sun is 29°27′ Pisces, born Marc 19th. This degree actually makes him take on many of the attributes of Aries (his cusp). Because it would right on those very early degrees of Aries he actually is the least evolved of the Aries. Now you’re starting to see….

Aries is a sign that typically gets what they want.

They are always convinced you just need a bit more time to see how star spangled awesome they are and give in to their wishes. My guess is that Aries is the sign that has the most restraining orders under their belt, second perhaps only to Scorpio who can go from totally cool and detached to fatal attraction at the drop of a hat.

Oh, and old boy Harvey? His ascendant is in Scorpio.

But before you commit to running for the hills the next time you come across an Aries it’s important to remember that all signs have their light and their shadow. While all tend to be entertained with challenge and love the thrill of the hunt they are not all the Weinstein’s of the world.

What they all tend to be are children at heart. As the first sign of the zodiac they represent the infant who wakes in the middle of the night wanting their bottle regardless of how little their parents have slept. They are the toddlers who must put everything that catches their eye in their mouth. They are constantly curious and want to taste all that life has to offer.

This makes for very good love making but while they are all about catching your pants (with their teeth) they are not about catching feelings.

They are someone to approach with an open mind, a taste for adventure and an understanding that they fall in and out of interest at lightning speed. Typically, when they have finally reached that point of climax and had that sweet taste of conquest won, they are already looking to whatever else is shiny and new in their orbit.

What is refreshing about Aries is their having all of the grace and subtlety of a Mack truck. Aries are among my favorite sign to work with because they do not require a soft touch and prefer a more straight forward approach. This is true in their pursuit of you, romantically. They will not beat around the bush but instead tell you directly how much they desire you. They make their interest in you known right out of the gate so if you are unsure where you stand it’s because it’s not anywhere on their radar.

 When it comes to getting down Aries does not disappoint.

They don’t do vanilla sex and are most likely to be the one with an extensive library of sex positions to keep things fun and definitely outside of the box. They are, however, petulant children when they want to be and will have no issue giving someone the boot if they are unwilling to match them in the bedroom. Someone who is just as willing to try something new and even better if you are the one to suggest something new, will do best for an Aries.

Being in good shape is also a must-bonus points if you are flexible AF and can bend and contort your body into all sorts of exotic shapes.

Interested in seeing your Aries outside of the bedroom?

Get yourself a good pair of cross trainers and be ready to live life to the fullest. This includes how you approach your connection to them but also your own life. Aries will never be attracted, especially for the long haul, with someone who doesn’t go after their passions and live their life to the fullest.

They also don’t want a pushover. They need someone who calls them on their shit and who can hold their own. This keeps them intrigued and their interest piqued.

While no one plays the “I’m not sure if I want you” game better than Aries they are also loyal to a fault once they have truly fallen for you. They are the sign who will go to perilous extremes to save you in your time of need. This makes for a relationship that ultimately lasts based on a strong sense of respect and enduring friendship.  

Aries is also the sign who keeps people in the ‘casual’ zone just in case something else catches their eye. Those who are able to roll with this without feeling its costing them their own self-respect or emotional health will fair best. 

Just as Aries is direct and to the point they appreciate someone who never quite got the lesson on modesty. They want someone who bares themselves both in and out of the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to show off what makes you so absolutely amazing because chances are they will find your bravado as hot as a grease fire.

Aries is all about passionate action and the more you show in the bedroom as well as in your own life the more the Ram will go to great lengths to make you theirs. Those who keep Aries at their side (and faithfully so) are active and engaging. They are running after their own dreams and creating new ones with their Ram. They are not waiting at home with dinner on the table with nothing else to talk about then what happened on their afternoon television ‘stories’.

Want to leave your Ram?

Look out because your disinterest is likely to be exactly what reignites Aries interest. They want nothing more than what they are told they cannot have. They are the sign who has no compunction whatsoever in showing up at your door at all hours, texting you until you are ready to change your number (and you may just have to) or showing up at your place of employment like you didn’t just ignore their last five phone calls. The good news is that Aries is not one to sit around lamenting their broken hearts. They are more likely to find someone else to lick their wounds and before you know it you can close that chapter for good.


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