August 8, 2016

Are You Ready For Abundance?





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For the past several months we have experienced massive energetic shifts and downloads which have been focused on releasing that which no longer serves in preparation for the Lionsgate opening which takes place today. 

Since the blue moon on July 31st this shift has become more noticeable as the energy sought to shake foundations and clear out the old. This is something we have all felt and struggled with as we felt the pressure created from old habits, outdated ways of thinking and living as well as relationships which have lost their positive power. We have watched, sometimes helplessly, as people left our lives. 

These experiences force us to confront our sense of strength, power and perseverance. Many of us have struggled to feel a sense of purpose, worth and importance in the face of feeling the weight of our mistakes as well as a sense of rejection or abandonment by those who we held in high regard in our lives. 

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We have questioned “whats the point” more than once over the course of the last month and perhaps even wondered if we were on the right path. These questions were not signs of weakness nor were they meant to make us feel worthless. Rather these were necessary shadows to walk among in order to gain deeper insight into who we are, what we want and what we are capable of. 

This gate opening is one of the most profound downloads we will receive this year. It helps us uncover hidden strengths and powers and coaxes out our most authentic self. It is an opening for us to step into our full power and make massive shifts in our lives that assist us in walking through the Lionsgate and become the creatrix of our life. 

Today is a day to spend in some quiet meditation to receive your download and focus in on where you are, what you have gone through over the last few months and just what this has to teach you about what you are capable of. Spend time visualizing and emotionalizing your desired life. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What actions must you take to make this a reality? 

What beliefs, emotions, people, behaviors must be cleared away for good for this reality to take root in your life? The actions we take today have potency. Potency for a little to go a long way. Power to see things through when perhaps before we would lose steam. Power to watch the last few months of the year turn into the greatest of your life. 

I wish you all a most blessed, powerful and sacred experience today and every day! 



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