October 19, 2017

Rising Up & Breaking Down ~New Moon Vibes~




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Let me explain, I am a complicated woman. I am not an ingenue. I am a woman of years. Of experience. Of trials and tribulations. I am evolving, I am not today who I was yesterday nor will I be tomorrow who I am now.

I carry my years with me like a badge of honor showing the journey I have travelled. The obstacles I have made it through. The things I have achieved-they’ve all given me a woman’s hands, with lines that run deep and serve as a map. 

A map of where I have come from. Of who I have been and who I will become. 

A map which serves to guide me forward and empower me that no matter where I find myself, whether under the glorious illumination of a moon so bright with abundance or a darkness so thick I choke on it, that I know the way. That with each step I grow wiser. That I can find peace no matter how peaceful or chaotic the landscape around me. 

Todays New Moon is a lesson in polarity. A lesson in what we desire to grow within and around us as well as where we need to heal. To perfect in our imperfect ways. To accept that we are not static beings pigeoned into box unless we allow ourselves to be. 

Today is a love letter to ourselves. To every experience we’ve encountered and to all those awaiting us. 



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