May 23, 2019

June Tarotscopes | Quiet Transformation





This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


June holds an energy that is a bit paradoxical. On one hand we welcome summer; the heat of the alchemic flames that spark our inspiration, passion and drive. On the other, the energy is thematically calling on us to get quiet. To enter into a place of silence which is the homeland of our spirit. A place that helps us fathom the unfathomable; our inherent limitlessness.

It’s in this place of silence, however, that we can view the panorama of our being. We see how our past mingles with our present and it’s from here that we consider what the future will hold. Think of this silent place June calls us towards as the canvas where the insight pulled creates the art.

From here we move into the flipside of June’s energy. The robust, more active energy. But with the brief pitstop into silence we now move with intention. We move with understanding so that each moment has its purpose.

To learn more about the energy of June, please read on for the individual readings. I encourage you to read your Sun, Moon and Rising sign and if you happen to have a birthday within 7-10 days of a signs transition, read that sign, too.

If you are not sure of your signs you can get your free chart at All you need is your birthday, time and place and best of all it’s free!

If you prefer to listen to your readings you can do so here.


This month brings you into awareness of the things done, willed or even held within the unconscious. This place that is so seldomly freely explored despite holding the very answer for everything we see around us. Though what is on the surface serves as a fine distraction there is a spiralic dance between the unconscious and the conscious. One that if left to its own design, may seem chaotic or disruptive. When we willfully and gently engage with the keys our unconscious provides us, however, the dance can be beautiful, graceful even. Moral of the story-you’re being led sometimes by unconscious desires. Confront them. Acknowledge them. Learn their language and invite greater symmetry into your experience.


This month is a journey into all aspects of the self. It’s a soul float into seeing through your divine eyes. To witness life through knowing that within you is the very divinity and the powers therein, that you often call to outside the self. This month is also a reminder of your physical self. How you treat your body. The exploration of the uniqueness of our flaws and how they make you more beautiful. And finally its a cavernous journey into the aspects of the sef you hide from view. Those parts of the self that you have disowned because you felt they threatened your being accepted. It is this expansive adventure with all aspects of your being brought along that you learn more about who and what you are. It’s here that the cycle of being comes full circle and you sense the energy of becoming enter into your experience.


“This is how the story of the forgotten begins anew….” *

You have your feet in both worlds this month. The past beckons you, sending secret passwords for accessing the inaccessible. Memories, potentially even from past lives begin to flood your consciousness.  A growing curiosity about how the past has shaped the preset brings an awareness that we are a tapestry, for better or worse, of all experiences. We’re all things even as we are no-thing. This is a month of discovery and origin. Whereby you are granted permission to get lost in what was so you can understand whats to be.

*loving borrowed from the Supra guide book.


Conflict is a natural part of life. In a world as colorful as ours there are many things which may create tension in our life. Conflict also creates the heat that shapes who we are. It tells us about our weaknesses, our strengths, our bias and attachments to being right or better than. Conflict then can be seen not as a disruptive force out to harm but a teacher trying to guide. Which approach we take really depends on how far beyond our own noses we really see. If our vision is short it’s easy to run from a force deemed monstrous. If, however, we see the broader picture we position ourselves to gain valuable insight that without conflicts tutelage, we would miss.


Our egos hold an ancient whisper of the dream of the universe. It’s a very nebulous energy that when too ego driven, will create a lonely separation of only our personal goals, desires and achievements. This energy, however, is inherently communal and thus meant to be shared. So when we make others goals and dreams, the aspirations of our neighbors, the quality of experience for all, just as important as our own, we expand into the wellspring of the collective. We step back into the mystical, beautiful and ever complicated energy that connects us to alignment. Ego, our identity, matters. Our goals matter. But we unlock the door to eternal energy, the doorway which ego so preciously guards, when our identity is not made more relevant or valuable than of those around us.


Gentleness is the secret handshake of the divine*. It is how to see the primordial spark that exists within us all. The flame that allows me to recognize myself in you and vice versa. It’s why we can share our love and express our vulnerability because we feel the delicateness in everyone. Even the most hardened among us. This month is an expression of as well as a call to gentleness. To handle the self and others with the sweetest touch and most loving care.

*Lovingly borrowed from the Supra guidebook.


Transformation comes this month in many forms. Your task is to embrace rather than judge or characterize. There is beauty and pain in the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. There is destruction in the wildfires whose ashes and decay will feed the Earth below. One is not better than the other and each carry inherent discomfort and even loss. But the cycle of all transformation is that loss leads to creation. The question then becomes not how can I stop this or even how can I avoid this but instead becomes how can I see even the discomfort and destruction as beautiful and honor it.


Energy is moving quickly towards creation. A hastening of a process that likely had seemed stalled. All of life contains the substance of the cosmos. The very material that’s only job is to become matter. This making of a thing is the natural spiral of this experience. It’s our birthright to wield this energy to curate a life of resonance-filled with the things that fill us with pleasure. As this energy permeates the days ahead your job is to simply get out of the way. Manifestation is a natural process, much like the wind blowing from the East or the rushing waters after a torrential downpour. You don’t have to “do” anything but allow this natural process to unfold. In fact, it’s often the ego behind our attachment to “doing” that inhibits this natural process. Your goal this month is to simply allow the creative energy to flow as its meant to and trust in the expectation of effortlessness that this process asks of you.


All things follow a natural cycle of death and rebirth. One breath leaves so another can enter. One structure falls away so another can be built in its stead. Nothing in this life is truly meant to last forever-something that the most ancient part of ourselves understands well. It’s our attachment to a thing that creates the discomfort of this very natural process of death. This month as you breath in the sweet relief of rebirth your job is to hold space for the ending that had preceded this moment.  Honor the beauty of the ending because it paved the way for this.


Destiny is a lofty word and while its thrown around often in certain circles, a deep understanding of this term we do not have. Destiny is the pockets of wisdom, or more aptly put, destiny is the bridge that springs up taking us from one place of our evolution to the next. And while destiny’s guiding hand can at times be firm, the truth is it’s all medicine. It’s precisely what we need and leaning into these moments (as opposed to resisting) is the very definition of living in alignment.


This month I hereby invoke the alchemical fires. The flames birthed of the South that grant us access to passion, determination and motivation. The will to get things done and make massive strides. The flames that eat away at all that no longer serves, granting us the space for new growth and freedom from what bound us. This month we call for the alchemy of fire to work its way through your life. To be your faithful guide. To help you where you need its medicine most. And for you we ask that you work with fire. Allow it to push you where you need pushing. To deconstruct anything that needs to be leveled. To welcome fires medicine and the renewal it promises.


This month I invoke the element of air and the commitment to learn how to work with this life sustaining element holistically. Allowing air to give you buoyancy but not dry your internal waters. We call upon the alchemical winds to breath new life into this experience. We welcome the fresh insight, inspiration and curiosity that air carries into this space. Air teaches you how to bend without breaking. To welcome the winds of change whether they blow gently or not. We willfully and welcomely allow the release of anything air seeks to remove from our experience. This month you realize, no you feel, that things are changing and you’re invigorated. You’ve waited for this. So welcome airs mastery into this space. Embrace all that swells within and gracefully honor the space created with a gentle bow and smile. This month magic is truly afoot.

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