January 15, 2018

January Tarotscopes




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First let me say that this year has started with a BANG! So much energy is moving and my days are growing busier and busier by the hour. But since its everything I have been asking for and sending out energy for I can’t and won’t complain, at all!

That said you’ve likely noticed the change to the look of the site. I have added some more content and have moved Tarotscopes from the Soothsaying magazine that I was doing to here on the blog.

The truth is I loved putting together the magazines each month but I am finding myself short on time between work, parenting, wifing and living. I want to also have a little extra time to create content on the blog and in terms of offerings that will add meaning and benefit to each of you and that means needing to see where I can cut tasks and create a little space to do so.

A lot of what precipitated this for me came from a pretty vulnerable space. I had started to submit my writing to a few different places. Places that I had intuitively pinged as being what would be a good match for what I had created but also for the audience the places served. I have had great success writing for Elephant Journal, OMTimes and Mind Body Green but I was ready to test some new waters and expand. But I didn’t hear anything back. It was crickets man and let me tell you that can really knock a person down.

But then I wiped off the tears and said fuck it. If places are not going to be open to the content that I create then its time I just publish on my own blog, to expand the blog on my own site and create the community for what I am writing.

So that is what I did and what I am going to continue to do. My hope is that this helps me to have a forum through which I can share what is stirring within but also reach the hearts and minds of all of you out there.

On to the Tarotscopes!

These scopes are a combination of Tarot insights as well as astrology. This marriage helps to provide a lovely view into the month ahead and the energy you will encounter. To gain deeper insight be sure to read your Sun, Moon and Rising sign. If you were born within 7-10 days of a signs transition be sure to read the scope for that sign as well.
Remember that you always have freewill. All readings, whether intuitive, tarot, or astrology, are offered as a guide of where things are headed. You hold the power of freewill to work with the energy in a way which is empowering so that you can maintain a satisfactory path or divert yourself from an unsavory path.


Aries • 9 of Cups

I love this energy. The energy of wishes coming true, celebrations and party’s honoring your achievements and hard work! This is one of two “wish” cards of the Tarot and when I see this card it signals to me that something you’ve been working towards, praying for, raising up that vibe for, is enroute. It’s coming. And not just coming chances are its arriving this month, if it hasn’t already since I am writing these 13 days into the week!

This a month to celebrate the arrival of something you’ve long wished for. To celebrate all the work, you’ve put in and to surround yourself and celebrate those who have helped you along the way.


Taurus • The Tower

The Tower is one of those energies that most people view at with disdain. As a culture, we are not wont for change especially when it arrives in the manner the Tower governs which is all about massive change brought about by the destruction of foundations. But let’s be honest, sometimes the only way we will willfully accept change is when it arrives in such a monumental fashion that its beyond our control. See, whether we’re manifesting events/situations we like or don’t like it’s all medicine. The Tower are those events manifested to knock us back to the path we are meant to be on. It’s important to note too that we need the knock because we’ve refused to take the action of our own accord for some time prior. Meaning that its always better to get ahead of events by doing the necessarily self-inquiry and work on our lives to ensure we are not resisting change, thus forcing the Universes hand.


Gemini • 9 of Wands

This month you may feel on the defensive. Your arms are raised, your words reside right at the tip of your tongue. You are prepared to defend you and yours to the death if necessary. The question is why do you feel this defensive? Is there a genuine need to defend or is your perception focusing in on only one option? I understand that sometimes in this life we feel that we’ve worked our asses off and are due our reward. We are due our break. We have all been there. This month you are likely there. Wondering if the Universe will continue to conspire against you. But the truth is we must only defend what matters and keep our vision in mind of that which we desire. If we become too defensive we risk dismantling what we’ve built thus far, setting us even further back from the break we desperately seek.


Cancer • 3 of Wands

I love the 3 of Wands because it reminds me that no matter where we are we can always envision where we want to be. Such is the energy of the 3 of Wands. This is a card of knowing where we want to be. We can see it off in the distance from where we stand today. We have the clarity of vision and now what we need is the plan that will take us there. The 3 of wands is about marrying inspiration, idea, choice and planning together to achieve your goal.


Leo • The Fool

The Fool wants you to start the new year off with hope in your heart and an unbreakable belief that anything is possible. The Fool represents the part of us that is still the wide-eyed child who believed climbing trees in the backyard transported us to the wild jungle, miles from anyone. The child who would pretend play and creatively design wild fantasies in our bedrooms. This part of ourself was not riddled with self-doubt. This part of our being believes that if we ca come up with an idea then we can create the idea.


Virgo • The Emperor

This is a month for taking charge. The Emperor asks that we lead by example and step fully into our power. This is the energy that allows us to take care of those pesky details of our life that have been waiting for our attention. To accomplish our largest goals, we need to be able to stay on task, to be disciplined and do what needs doing. This means doing what needs doing when sometimes we would rather someone else do it or just go and have some fun. But this month asks that you take care of the details. That you think about what you want this year to hold and know that these first couple of months are the foundation upon which the rest of the year is built.


Libra • 10 of Coins

This is a month of stability and foundation. You may find your bottom line increase or at the very least you may feel the sense of support that comes from taking the time to build a foundation beneath you. Which is ultimately what the 10 of Coins is all about-knowing that it takes time to build lasting and true security and it’s a consistent application of effort. This month you feel a sense of stability that allows you to consider what you wish to endeavor towards next. You know that you are capable of putting in the effort so now it’s just about celebrating the work that got you here while envisioning what your next bold move will be.


Scorpio • 3 of Swords

This month you may find your heart twisted and shackled. You feel betrayed and let down. Someone was taken advantage of you and broken your trust. And regardless of whether or not it is a romantic partner, a friend, a family member, or maybe even yourself, the feeling cuts deep. To know that someone could rip something so precious out of your chest in this way.
While we cannot control the behavior of others, and sometimes it can even feel as though we cannot control our actions, we still control how we respond. We can blame them or ourselves. We can play the woe is me game. We can bemoan a world that would allow such mistrust to breed or we can mine the situation for the lessons we are meant to learn and know that we are stronger because of this situation. We are more evolved having faced this and worked through our emotions than we would be had we not or had we gone through it and hid from what we felt.


Sagittarius • Five of Coins

This month may be a bit lonely. This feeling of being cut off from that which you need is prevailing with the Five of Coins. Sometimes this energy materializes in the form of a lost job or source of income. It can materialize as a loss of relationship or social group and the support they provided. Spiritually it can feel akin to being adrift at sea. Perhaps you feel depressed and sad and feel as though your higher power has deserted you.
The energy of this card is not all together pleasing but it does have its medicine. The challenges this card provides forces us to pay attention to what we value. To get dialed into what we want and what matters most to us. The energy of this card is a reminder of our inherent perseverance and how we shine brightest in our most difficult moments.


Capricorn • Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is moved by passion and is determined and bold and maybe even a little impulsive from time to time. He is a youthful energy who is on a never-ending quest not realizing that what he desires cannot be found external to himself.
This is the energy for you this month, Capricorn. A reminder that you possess everything within to make your dreams happen and yet the stamina and perseverance to make quick and decisive action in the face of a rapidly changing landscape around you.


Aquarius • 7 of Wands

You’ve worked hard, you have accomplished a great deal and just when you thought you could rest you realize that out of the woodwork are those who are ready to fight you for your position. Competition is a tricky bag. On one hand, we really want to just have a hot minute to relax after all the hard work we put into getting to where we are but on the other the nature of life is that it is always in motion. If we want to stay on top we need to continually become the person deserving of being on top and hunty, that takes work.


Pisces • 9 of Coins

You’ve worked hard, Pisces. You’ve built a strong foundation beneath you and are now in a position where you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. You should take some time this month to celebrate the security you’ve built. Shower yourself with some of the fruits of your labors. Schedule that massage and mani/pedi. Take yourself out for a decadent meal. Treat yourself with love and care and show yourself how much you mean to you. The landscape around us is always changing. We may find tomorrow brings an entirely new set of circumstances so while you are here enjoy it. This will fuel you as you set about your next steps.


Have a fantastic January, m’loves!

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