Part of living our most delicious life is understanding what is ahead on our path so we can make empowered choices.


Tarot is a beautifully dynamic tool that both allows for forecasting what is likely to happen as well as anchor into the energies which are currently influencing our experience. As a series of signs and symbols the Tarot is a powerful tool for unlocking our intuitive gifts and creating a channel through which insight flows. As a tool for self awareness it mirrors back to us that which we may be unaware of so that we can better mold our perception of our experience. Both prediction as well as self awareness are what make Tarot an invaluable tool for gaining direction and understanding about our life, love, careers and healing.

there are those who say tarot isn’t predictive

To which I say, bullshit.

Anyone who has spent any decent amount of time with the Tarot builds a relationship with their deck, the cards, the symbols and the meanings that reveal themselves. In addition even those with a very weak intuitive muscle soon strengthen the channel through which their inner wisdom flows, allowing for spontaneous psychic moments during a Tarot reading.

For those such as myself who are strongly psychic and mediums, the Tarot is the canvas whereupon my intuitive gifts and divine guidance flows. Tarot creates a container for understanding the multitudinous bits of psychic information that flow freely when the channels are open so that I can interpret with discernment and attention to detail and answer the questions you have for me.

What Tarot is Not

The Tarot is not a telescope through which all that is ahead can be seen nor a microscope into the future. It is a mirror, first and always and reflects the both the reader and those receiving the reading. Tarot helps us to see the many forks in the path, many of which can change and even positively alter any outcome. Tarot gives us options in terms of both the walk we take in life as well as how we perceive the journey.

My style of reading

Since 2002 I have completed well over 10k professional readings combining my skills as a psychic medium and Tarot. I am quick, to the point and allow the wisdom to drip from my lips like honey. I am blunt but deeply caring. I hold space for both support and comfort and the gentle boot in the ass when needed. I seek to bring levity so even in difficult moments you remember the power of a smile. I aim to assist you in seeing all sides of your situation so that when you leave you feel clear, lighter and prepared.

I do not make decisions for those I read for-this is a responsibility I do not desire. I seek instead to help you see all paths before you, to receive the wisdom that you seek and feel so clear that you know precisely the right choice for you. The space I hold is as a conduit for you to be witnessed, to receive and to know that the answers to your questions as well as the understanding as to why patterns arise in your life are available for you. So that you can make each choice an empowered one; each step aligned and bringing you closer to the life and experience you always wanted.


I read locally at Ritual Cravt every other Sunday. Call ahead to book your reading (303) 458-1459
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How to get your reading

I offer readings worldwide via Zoom which gives us a private space for your reading. You can receive your reading via video or audio and it is recorded. A link to your session will be sent to you for download within 24 hours of your session. Click the image below the learn more about each offering and choose what will serve you best.



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