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Here is the deal, folks

Traditional talk therapy is an exploration of feelings, theory and standards for typical living. It, like most modern allopathic medicine, treat the symptoms when they arise. This means you seek out these modalities when you are already feeling discontent and experiencing hardship. Traditional modalities speak to the symptoms and often fail to address the state of being which caused these symptoms.

intuitive counseling


Intuitive Medicine is a robust combination of Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Counseling and Energetic Healing that addresses what holds you back with care and deep attention.
We go inward to examine the underlying internal conditions which created the “symptoms” to begin with so to prevent symptoms from arising before they have a chance to create damaging patterns in your life. This offering goes beyond just coaching. This is spirit work, empowerment and a road map to total wellness.

These sessions allow me to read your energy and receive guidance while taking in non-verbal communication that fast tracks progress and helps me guide you towards the core issues faster than simply talking could ever do.
Additionally you leave each session with practical work to take into your day-to-say ensuring that our work has legs that travels with you between sessions further grounding into the changes being made and the energy being cleared.


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Single session

lets me for 60 Minute via Zoom. A recording of your session will be sent to you within 24 hours

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monthly program

Let’s meet bi-weekly or weekly each month to really ground into the healing and transform your experience


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