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This form helps me to gain valuable information into what brings you to schedule this appointment as well as what you hope to achieve through our work together. We will meet as scheduled and then, depending upon need and circumstance devise a plan for moving forward if necessary.

It is typically encouraged that for working through and healing ingrained patterns and wounds that you allow subsequent sessions build upon one another.  This maintains momentum and helps to hold a container through which you can expedite your healing and find sustainable wellbeing. If you feel called to schedule after your introductory session you can benefit from either a 25.00 discount on future sessions or bundle your sessions together for further savings-inquire at the time of your appointment to learn more!

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I cannot wait to meet with you and work with you and hold space with you! You are seen, loved and held!

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This could be modalities you've tried in the past, medications you are taking, if applicable, additional background-current feelings etc. This is your space so get creative and know that nothing is off limits, love!