June 7, 2019

How a hand drawn spider is the key to manifesting the life we desire.




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I woke the other day to this hanging on my wall.

In case you cannot tell what “this” is it’s a hand drawn spider my eldest daughter, Zellamoon cut out, hung from some clear elastic we use for making jewelry and taped to the wall beside my bed.

See my daughter is very big into watching videos of people pulling pranks. She will sit and giggle for hours (if we let her, of course) watching how creative people get with pranking. She had seen a video of someone pulling this prank of affixing a plastic spider to something, scaring the bejesus out someone. Knowing that I am terrified of spiders Zella was instantly motivated to bring this to life.

Problem was she didn’t have any plastic spiders. She tried to sneakily ask if she could go through some of our halloween stuff stored under the house where the plastic spiders are held but alas we didn’t allow her to rummage through it all.

Did she give up because she hit a snag in her plan? Did she leave it alone when she realized she wouldn’t have the same real looking plastic spiders she saw those in the video had?

Nope. Instead she quietly went into her art room and began to draw and cut out this tiny little spider and continue onward.

Her first attempt to get me was affixing this to the wall in our living room. I was running around cleaning and tidying up and she says to me “mom there is a spider on the wall!” I looked over, saw she had a smirk on her face and replied “nice try, lady, I’m not falling for it.” and continued on with my cleaning.

Even when her first attempt to prank me failed she still didn’t give up. She pulled up her little spider friend and went upstairs to my room affixing it to the wall next to my bed. That night I went to bed;  exhausted I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow and I woke the next morning, turned over and saw what she had done and immediately beamed with pride.

What does all of this have to do with manifesting?

She had a vision of something she was going to do. She had a plan and even when she had to change that plan she rolled with it. She managed. She didn’t give up. She didn’t give up because she didn’t have what others had or had to improvise. She kept trying.

And she got me-I mean, sure, I wasn’t as scared as Im sure she hoped but I put on a good show and pretended to be so she would feel that swell of accomplishment. But she did get me. I didn’t expect to wake and find this dude hanging from my wall. And I was so proud of her being an example of how the power of not giving up on ourselves allowed us to manifest what we want.

You may not yet have what you desire for yourself. You may lack certain resources that you see others have or that you feel is necessary to what you want to accomplish. But none of that matters unless you allow it to.

You can roll with it, improvise and work with what you’ve got or you can give up. And sometimes whether or not we manifest the life we desire ultimately boils down simply to that. Whether or not we give up at the first sign of trouble or when things aren’t going exactly as planned.

Whether we give up on ourself and our vision.

My daughter taught me and now hopefully all of you, in that moment that nothing should or can stop you if you remain true to your vision. She couldn’t wait to prank me. She saw it in her head. She giggled in anticipation of my response. She held tight to that and kept moving no matter the obstacles.

And while this little spider isn’t some giant feat it is a simple reminder of the power our vision has for creating the life we want.

And this mama walked away super proud that at 8 she was displaying a perseverance that even at 38 I can sometimes struggle with.

So if you are struggling with manifesting. If you are really good at starting something and not so hot at completing it I hope this serves as a reminder that your dreams matter. Your vision matters. Whether you want to prank someone with a fake spider or make a 5 figure monthly income. But no one will respect it, honor it or know it, for that matter, if you don’t.

Let this land-this simple example is about the power we have to accomplish anything we want when we move out of seeing what we lack and instead believe that we can lack any number of things we think we need and still accomplish what we desire.

Now I am going to go and remove the rubber bands that she has put around our sink sprayer so when I turn on the faucet I don’t get doused.

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