June 13, 2018

Gemini New Moon: Opening To Wonderment




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Today we welcome the darkness of the New Moon, a Super New Moon that though we cannot see, will certainly impart a deep and powerful resonance that takes us deep into the corridors of our mind.

Gemini is an energy of excited curiosity. It is the energy of creativity, understanding and expression. In the evolution of the signs we have Aries, the infant concerned with selfhood, Taurus who is focused on the material world and possession to Gemini which elevates things out of the physical and into the intangibles of the mind. Its a beautiful energy that gives us the gusto we need to put ourselves out there. To share what we have with the world. 

Working with your transmission

Your transmission for this New Moon can be found below. As always remember that these words are seeds of energy that as you read are taking root and going to work to unfurl and bring life within you. Each of us experience these transmissions differently but what is most important is digesting each word thoroughly, taking your time and not rushing through. 

Gemini New Moon Transmission

“What excites you? Enlivens you? What topic could you talk about for hours and not grow bored? In what subjects do you become lost in for hours as you seek to learn all that you possibly can? 
The energy today asks that you get in touch with this endless curiosity. That you play with it like a child does a toy. That you look at life with this sense of wonderment and innocence like you are seeing everything for the first time. 

Because in truth, you are. Today is a version of you that never existed before and tomorrow yet another new version of your self will wake with eyes opened and minds bursting with possibility. But how often do you wake up and tell those eyes to see what they did the day before? How often do you wake and begin to think the same thoughts you did yesterday? 

What if you stopped that? What if you allowed even a few moments in the morning to stare out your window like you are seeing the sun peeking through the trees for the first time? What if you didn’t hop out of bed and immediately follow your same predictable routine but instead decided to do it all in a different order, just for kicks? 

I wonder what this would do to our sense of excitement each day? I wonder in what other ways you could find newness even among the common and predictable? I wonder how this sense of wonderment may create a spark that lights the fires of curiosity and possibility within?

There is so much you have yet to see. So much you’ve yet to experience. So much waiting for you and its not going to be found in the predictable box of your typical day to day. Its waiting for you just outside this box. Where it has an entire world of possibility to show you. To breath new life within you. To help you travel through vast open spaces inwardly and outwardly learning more about who you are and what you came here to do. “


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