January 20, 2019

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Leo | A Choice To Be Made




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Welcome to the second lunation of 2019-and boy does it bring with it a powerhouse energy of opportunity even as we face down significant changes within and around us. This energy is encouraging some raw honesty and that may sit one way or the other with you. But the promise is that the more we learn into this energy the more that we will invite the possibility available when the room has been made and we’ve brought ourselves into alignment.

Lunar eclipse, say whaaat?

A lunar eclipse is a transit whereby the Moon appears dark as it into the Earth’s shadow. This transit is when the Earth sits directly between the Sun and the Moon (opposition) and turns the moon a wide array of reds and browns depending upon where you reside and where the Lunation is most visible in the night sky.

During lunar eclipse we have an opportunity to peek into the part of our self that is most hidden, suppressed and otherwise denied-our shadow self. This confrontation of the not so loved part of ourselves can be uncomfortable but it’s an opportunity to accept ourselves in totality and begin to embrace rather than suppress (and thus feed) those qualities that we would rather not run the show or be the place from which we launch in this world.

Full Moon magical Yummies

A full moon is an opportunity to embrace the swollen belly of that which you’ve been nurturing and are now ready to birth into the world. The full moon is a time of completion, culmination, closure and wrapping things up. Typically it comes with a final explosion of energy as we watch all the pieces click into place. Now, as we all know as humans in this 3D experience not all closure is sought. Some relationships that you really wanted to hold onto may be ending. Jobs that fulfilled a basic need but otherwise were dull and not feeding your soul may come to an end. But additionally these changes may well be the precise medicine you need to get up and do what you are here to do. Unexpected endings are sometimes exactly what we needed in order to become the next version of ourselves and to taste the evolution available to us in this journey.


The energy of this particular transit is especially focused on change. Specifically the courage to embrace change because though it may suddenly rock our world we are prompted to try out original ideas and experience unexpected breakthroughs on account of what initially seemed like a totally bum deal.

With Leo’s “me-me-me!” energy and penchant for impatience, however, you want to check your ego. Staying calm will help to avert any impulsive action that will end up causing you more strife than is needed.

Many of us will feel a sense of overwhelm-so much change, happening at a rapid pace, so much not figured out and thrown into the air-it’s a lot to take on. However, the shock to our system is a reminder that we are still here. Yes, it can be a nutty energy but we are not in danger. We are supported. We are held.

We are receiving this jolt of cosmic energy for the expressed purpose of seeing what we’ve been ignoring.

Now we step into a place of deep authenticity that is bred from this cosmic jolt. We all will feel that the status quo is no longer sustainable. That we must take an honest look into who we are, what we are doing and why.

There are masks that are coming off whether we choose to do so willingly or not. The only difference is that those who choose to clench to their mask will find the process of removable all the more uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing.

Change is arriving. As a cosmic emissary, one who consciously is in touch with the Universal energy I can promise you that 2019 is going to be an amazing year but we are beginning here at this point. This point that is going to help us launch into the coming 11 months. Our attitude, our perspective will determine how it will flow for us. Does this turn into the next great opportunity for our lives? Or does it become our next biggest and most used excuse for why we are continuing to do the same shit over and over again. And thus encountering the same challenges over and over again.

I am leaning deeply into this energy from a place that is about exploration and curiosity rather than fear. Because we are supported. I am supported. You are supported and our dreams are coming to the surface. As they do there will be other stuff, things that must be released, that are pushed to the surface first. Embrace this. Welcome this. Proclaim loudly and lovingly that you are ready.

Because we are just that. Ready.

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