July 30, 2018





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Chapters are ending. We are saying goodbye but with this transit we have the gift of detachment, should we consciously choose it. 

Aquarius is an intellectual sign. A sign capable of seeing the big picture and that assists us to stepping outside of the overwhelm of emotionality to see with impartiality. This energy allows us to observe the ending, the change, the transition we face with this transit rather than become swept up in the personal “feels” we normally encounter. 

Or you may find yourself, against all this Aquarian logic being swept up still. 

Because that is the trick with eclipses; they amplify everything ten fold. And with this being the longest eclipse of this century we well may say our emotions will be amplified 100 fold. Friday’s eclipse spends nearly 1.5 hours in totality and almost 4 hours from start to finish. So if your standard, every day eclipse is a portal for change this transit is an entire galaxy of possibility. 

The ultimate message is to be ourselves. To step fully into the beautiful and messy process of discovering who we are and what we are made of. Aquarians are quirky, unique and dance to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius encourages us to tap into this essence within our own lives. To shed the masks and reveal the person beneath. 

Lets be real-we all wear masks. We’ve all gone through some shit. We’ve all have occasionally felt like we needed to be less this and more that. Like we needed to bend or compromise or mold ourselves “just so” to fit in. We’ve been hurt so we put on the mask of the tough as nails and unaffected. We’ve been rejected or made fun of and so we looked around us to those who were accepted thinking we needed to be more like them.

See many of our masks-which after awhile can cause confusion as to who we really are, are bred from a place of pain and protection. I saw a meme on Instagram that summed up entirely this transit beautifully. It read in part that we’re responsible for how long we let what hurt us haunt us. 

And it struck me as such a beautiful emblem for this transit. Because that which has haunted us and that which we’ve refused to acknowledge responsibility for is exactly what will be released with this Full Moon Eclipse. And the more that we can step into that Aquarian logic and bear witness to this the more that we will understand and the less we will resist. 

Even those like me who wear their hearts on their sleeve will find the tide of emotions has something to teach us if we can find just the slightest big of detachment. The question we are to ask ourselves is “what is good about this?” This can help us see that in every trauma, in every bit of discomfort, there exists a sliver of possibility. 

Lets explore the Tarotscopes for each of the 12 signs to gain deeper insight into how this transit will impact us. The question or focus I held when drawing each of these cards was on what we need to release or let go of so the scopes will be read from the context of this lens. 


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The Ace of Cups encourages you to let go of the overflow of emotion, Aries. This is a time for you to move away from reactivity and to instead place an emphasis on the detachment I mentioned earlier in the overview. You are a sign prone to reactivity. You leap before you think. You feel before you know. And now is the time where employing some solid logic will serve you best. 


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While I would not typically see you Taureans as impulsive this transit is asking that you not engage in this trait in the face of upset, ending or challenge. There may be something that backs you against a wall. That makes you feel like you need to strike immediately. But in truth you have space to think things through. To make sure that you are not cutting your nose to spite your face. Take your time-especially when you feel there isnt any. There is. 


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Gemini you are encouraged by the Page of Cups to let things flow and relax into what is happening. Though there may be events that prove frustrating this is not something you want to control. You want to release and allow intuition, creativity and possibility to flow. The more you attempt to micromanage the more frustration you will experience. Lean into the tide and you find you will swim quite well within its waters. 


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The King of Swords asks that Cancerians move away from emotion and into the intellect. What is happening right now requires your keen intellect. Your analysis. Your management of what you know and can see with your tangible five senses. This may feel foreign as you are more comfortable in the dark and murky emotional waters but the mind is where its at and where the answers as well as solace you need this transit resides.  


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Leo, my friends you may feel that what worked for you back then will work for you now. You may long for that feeling of what was. But the truth of the matter is that the past is in the past and you are seeing it through some pretty rose colored glasses. Things haven’t always been rosy in the past. In fact there was a lot you complained about “back then”. But sometimes  the 6 of Cups can make “back then” seem really great compared to right now. But right now and tomorrow-those are things that matter. and it requires a new way of thinking. A new approach. So invite that shit in and stop looking backwards. You’re not going that way, baby. 


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You are asked to let go of what others expect of you. You, of all signs, tend to morph the most. You need acceptance. You need to be seen. You need that allure of perfection even when its killing you to try and attain it. The Hierophant is all about social order. Knowing your place and following the pecking order. And there is a time for that. Its just not right now. Right now is the time to delve deep into who you are under all of that. Who you want to be. And become more of that. 


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Under the context of these scopes the 9 of Cups is asking you to let go of a wish you’ve been sending out on the wind. Its not a sign of it never being granted but the understanding instead that all things in their due time. The more that you grasp to something that for one reason or another is not materializing for you, no matter how hard you try, the more frustration you feel. There is a particular and special magic that happens when we release something we’ve previous fought for. Suddenly everything we’ve strived for suddenly unfolds n beautiful ways. 


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Lets be frank here, Scorpio, there are times we all have to be a bit shrewd. There are times when we need to do what we’ve gotta do to get what we need to get. The 7 of Swords, however, is telling us that now is not the time for that behavior. Anything below board is going to end up causing you much strife and frustration. It will cost you far more than you are willing to part with in the long run.


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The Page of Wands encourages you to let go of anything that inhibits your glorously and joyously exploring all that can be. This is such a powerful and active energy. Its the first sparks of fire-bright and still unformed. It is an energy that encourages you to let go of anything that gets in your way. Anything or anyone who tries to dictate who you can do and what you can do. Allow your imagination to wander and run through far away places. This is the pathway home. 


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The time for sitting back and observing is over, Capricorn. Now is the time for action. The Hanged Man is often about observing, hitting pause and waiting for the right time, or the right sign. In the context of these scopes, however, its time for you to release that. Its time for you to make the time right, right now. Its time to get back into the fray and make shit happen. Because this is your life. And unless you become an active particpant of it its going to pass you by. 


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I told the story in my IG LIVE of how my husband, who is making the transition to firefighting, has encountered a few small road blocks that forced him to reassess his time line. Such is the case with the Chariot as an energy that you all need to release. In this context you are asked to expect delay, upset and challenges to your plan. Things will not unfold as you expected but that doesnt mean that all is for naught. It simply means that right now there is some medicine in the delays and upsets. So get in there, learn it and be ready for progression when the energy gives you the go ahead. 


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The 10 of Swords is not the happiest of cards but it was actually something that I saw as positive when I drew this card for us Pisceans. It reminds me that we tend to collect wounds like badges of honor. We tend to hold onto things long past their expiration. And this card is asking us to let go of what is no longer working. To let go of what has already happened. What has ended. The time for lugging around the shit of the past is over. In order to move forward free and clear we have to begin the process of forgiving and letting go. Who’s with me? 

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