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Full Moon Eclipse In Capricorn

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Where we put our focus tells us, and others, a great deal about who we are. This focus established connection-much like our feet to the ground, we become energetically linked to what we focus on. 

Our focus then informs our action and our actions determine the events that take place around us. 

This is how very simply put and brick by brick, we build the foundation beneath our feet. 

Conceptually our reputation is built much in the same way. We determine priority, how we desire to be seen and this informs each step that we take. One wrong move, however, can take months, even years to correct. 

But such is the transitional nature of inner and outer foundation building. The result is only as clear, strong and aligned as the steps which preceded them. If we were out of alignment with our truth from there very get-go than what we build, both within and around us, reflect this lack of authenticity. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which took place yesterday in Capricorn (but the energy of which is taking us into the next 6 months) is offering a unique discovery into who we are and who we present ourselves to be. Anything that no longer resonates or isn’t in true alignment to who we are becoming is dying away. 

Structures are falling away. Our masks are disintegrating before our very eyes. Collectively as well as individually we are no longer willing or able to fit into a mold, even one originally of our own making, that was not tailored to and for us. 

And while some of the sheddings will create friction we also watch as blessings fall from the sky. How serendipitous events unfold at a hilarious rate. We will find that before long we are so rooted in the possibility unearthed and wowed by the evidence of magic taking place all around us each day, that we’ve long forgotten the friction. We will be so busy looking forward we will not even care about what is behind us. 

And here is the kicker, lovely. The really, really fun part. Since we are letting go, oh so sweetly and gently, to all that does not serve us everything and I do mean everything, that is dropping into our life comes from a place of deep inner authenticity. Its made for us. Reflects us, truly. And most beautifully, even things we didn’t realize were needed or wanted fit us like a glove and it feels so sublimely good. We are becoming.

While at its most mundane Capricorn rules reputation, career, our pursuit and dedication, its the subtle and vital nuances most prevalent in the energy of this transit. Its the why underneath all the doing. This transit reflects the deep inner awaking to a new portal to discovery of who we are and why we do what we do. 

It takes time to build a solid reputation. And yet seconds to destroy it. It takes intentionality to build a life of resonance and yet we can easily get off track if not connected to our inner true north. For many of us, this transit will feel like waking up sensing parts of us are entirely fiction and that we are embodying a role made for someone else. 

The breakdowns taking place are not a form of punishment for inauthenticity or getting off track. We are not being divinely scolded because we lost sight of who we are. We are being gifted with the opportunity to do it again. To start from scratch. And those of us bravely willing to do so find the rewards, the blessings, quite plentiful. Not as a reward but as a reflection of what is always readily available when we are in right relationship with ourselves and the natural flow of creative energy. 

This transit reminds us that it is not simply our bravado to climb the highest peaks that make us who we are. Its the deep, soul gratifying “why” that fuels us forward each and every step that matters most. 

Get dialed into your why. Discover who you are. Dismiss nothing and be receptive to everything. Be discerning and willing to say no. Be humble and willing to apologize. Look into your eyes and apologize. For getting off track. For not seeing the inner light sooner. And commit, oh so sweetly and yet oh so powerfully, to starting again. 

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