February 15, 2017

February Intuitive Medicine




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Welcome to the second month of the new year-a month which while the shortest certainly does not lack in potent energy and transits which are translating to radical inward and outward shifts for each of us. We begin on February 3rd with a first quarter moon in Taurus. This is a very Earthy waxing moon that begs us to get serious about the vision of our life we desire to see. It’s time that we begin to take physical action-that we make physical representations of what we hope to consciously create in our lives over the course of the next several months. The days for merely sitting in mediation and visualizing are passed. And while visualization is a powerful means of manifesting, this energy begs action from us to match the wonderful energy we have already raised with our intentions and visualizations. As a ritual during this time pull out the journal and ask yourself what you desire to see in your life and just what you are willing to do to make that happen. Then act and make it happen. 

February 10th welcomes the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo and it’s a deeply healing and transformative Full Moon. Because it’s an eclipse something is being shed and in this case, it’s the wounds of the past and the structures they have created. All of us came into this world with a perfectly formed, beautiful and radiant personality. We were joyful, open and saw the world as a well of limitless potential. It’s through our experiences, circumstances and conditioning that we began to act in difference to this natural state. This Full Moon asks for us to reach back – to tap into that first state. To embrace the child who thought anything could happen. Who had no shame in who he/she was. Allow this being to come back. Invite this being into your present and release the need to guard, protect or hide your radiance from the world. 

Finally, on the 26th we celebrate the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This transit highlights our spiritual side – asking what does our spiritual practice look like? How have we nurtured this side of ourselves and if we have not, then it begs the question what can we do to begin this practice. Eclipses are events which brings shifts and in the case of Solar Eclipses we are looking at new beginnings opening before us. New beginnings to embrace our inner mystic and creatrix. It’s a wonderful time to recommit or finally commit to a spiritual practice reflective of who we are and our modern lives. To bring balance and enhanced creativity as well as flow of abundance. 

It’s time to take things deeper; exploring the energy of the month for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These readings are an alchemy of intuitive channelings, astrology, and energetic imprint – a truly all-encompassing source of intuitive medicine. I have written them in the form of affirmations to assist each of you with putting your intentions into action through the month of February. To gain even deeper understanding of your month ahead I encourage you to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. If you happen to fall within 7-10 days of a change in signs, then you will want to read the one after your Sun sign as well (what is called your cusp sign).


I will embody my most primal, seductive and sensual self. I will let heat build through my senses. Like a glass of fine wine or velvety chocolate I will enjoy every drop life has to offer. I will go after that which I desire and stand strong in the face of anything or anyone who dares suggest I am bound by limitation. I will be unapologetically optimistic and engaging knowing my warm and open nature is the vibration of all that I desire to welcome into my life. I embrace my vibrancy, I embrace my vitality and will see to it that each day is an edict of my radiance. That I know my worth. That the world knows my worth and that my every step ensures no one forgets it. 


I open myself to the beauty of partnership and allow my dreams to take form not as a solitary endeavor but one which I can share with others. I acknowledge that I may have, in the past, pushed through what felt impossible to simply show that I could do it. That I didn’t need anyone or anything to help me. That I could support myself. I’ve learned a lot from this route. It has taught me so much about my strength and capability. It’s also taught me about a quieter, but perhaps more noteworthy strength: the strength to know that I can’t do it all on my own. The strength to ask for help when I need it. The strength to see how by aligning with another my vision becomes our vision – richer and more complex in its perfection. 


I accept my destiny and walk bravely in the direction of all that I came here to do. I know that this means I must face fears. I understand that it will require that I heal wounds I have held on to for far too long. I equally accept that I can slow down – that I can stop the relentless pursuit of destiny as an outside destination and instead turn inward. Though this road is likely to be the more difficult path to travel, I understand that to step into my purpose it takes more than lip service. It requires that I be willing to see myself fully. To release what no longer serves. To construct a strength that is just as internal as it is external. Because it’s time I walk my walk. I desire to have a life which is rich in meaning and purpose and this month I set into motion the deep healing that will make it so. 


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This month I welcome a new personal ideology. I understand that my thoughts become my emotions and that my emotions become my actions. I understand that to change my life I must first be willing to adopt a new way of thinking. I am willing to acknowledge that my beliefs and ideas may be outdated and no longer fit the reality I wish to see before me. I have grown into someone who may no longer be reflected in the ideas that shaped where I came from. I realize that to live an authentic life my beliefs must be authentic to me and not adopted from those around me. I seek the truth in all things and in so doing grant others the spaciousness to do this for themselves. 


I have been fortunate to have learned from some amazingly strong and inventive people in my life. I have stood on the shoulders of those who paved the way before me and I am honored to have done so. But I have ideas that are swelling within that require I make a sacrifice. I must sacrifice the path that is known. I must deviate from the well-trodden path and its predictability and instead branch into the unknown. I accept that this may be scary. I accept that I may fall as I round the learning curve but I make the commitment to get back up. I make the commitment to try again. I make the commitment to never give up or go back to thinking that to succeed I must do as others have done. I make a commitment to me. 


I make the commitment to embrace the intangible. I have built a life that is pragmatic in nature. That is based upon fact and what I can prove and it has served me well. But I feel an inner calling. I feel the need to broaden my understanding of the world around me and know that I can do so by embracing what my intuition has to share with me. I pledge to listen to my gut and not ignore the sneaking suspicions or “funny feelings” that I get throughout my day. I choose to honor this as wisdom that is coming from a source I may not yet fully understand. But I will understand it – I will dedicate my time and effort to leaning into this knowingly, and learn to blend my rational mind with my growing and ever present intuition. 


I have gotten to where I am because I have acted with integrity. Because I have tried hard, worked hard and made sure that I did everything to the best of my ability. I am not perfect but I have earned the foundation beneath my feet. I do not seek affirmation or praise from those around me but stand in praise of myself. I am open to receiving. I allow the fruits of my labors to arrive. I accept them with grace and gratitude. I allow myself to enjoy what comes my way and do not resist it. I do not hide from what I have worked hard for out of some misguided principal that I am not allowed to experience the joy of what I have earned. I am standing within the portal, with arms wide open, to fruition and attainment with a grateful and joyous heart. 


This month I commit to evaluating my relationship with balance. I ask myself each day how much of my day was filled with what I wanted to do and how much with what I felt I had to do. I make the commitment to myself to strive for a balance between these two, sometimes opposite, forces in my life. I commit to finding time to doing more of what brings me happiness and joy. To what replenishes my heart and fills my soul. In so doing I know that the rest of what I do, all the roles I take on each day, will benefit greatly because I have taken the time to nurture myself. 


This month I strive to make my aim true. I know that with a focused mind, deliberation action and stable emotion I can create momentum. Momentum to accomplish whatever calls to me right now. Momentum on tasks I have put off. Momentum that allows me to crash through barriers and leap over walls that I have likely created myself. To acknowledge that I have all the tools necessary to make things happen for myself and with discipline with make 2017 my best year yet. 


This month I work to make each thought, word and action an act of kindness and compassion. In a world that likes to make it seem as though we are all out for ourselves I strive to set the example that many of us have hearts open to see the good in all people. That we are willing to be raw and exposed in order to show love to our neighbor. To set aside bias and judgment so that a person has a chance to shine in their brilliance and not sullied under misperception of the masses. I make it my mission to stand in solidarity with those in need knowing that I once may have been in need. Knowing that one day down the line I may be in need again. I give knowing that compassion and kindness are gifts that are invaluable and that what I receive in return, however intangible it may be, is equally as priceless. 


This month I surrender to the flow of life. I surrender to the flow of what is and accept this may differ from what I envisioned. I let go of the need to control the flow and to hustle my way to the destination, and instead saddle in for the journey. I pause to enjoy the unfolding of what is before me. I accept what may be uncomfortable holds medicine for me and as such I do not resist but rather lean into these moments. I accept that the universe will always bring me what I need, even if that means waiting for what it is that I want. I know that all roads lead to the same place so long as I am willing to travel with an open heart: fulfillment. 


To show vulnerability is to show strength is my new mantra for the month. I strive for absolute authenticity in each moment. To allow myself to be raw and exposed. To speak honestly of my achievements as well as my failures. To expose my insecurities and allow a greater intimacy to take root in all my interactions. I accept that within me is a gentle and empathic spirit who cannot help but feel things. I will not hide from this connection as it allows me to see others and for them to see me as well. To witness one another in this space is a great gift and it’s one I will not take for granted. I will show vulnerability this month and for it, welcome a strength that supports me in all that I do. 

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