Energy is the blueprint, the construct, the invisible container for the health of your body and mind. When your energy is blocked, in short supply or suppressed your body is unable to sustain optimal life. This leads to disease, sickness and a host of emotional and psychological maladjustments.

Energy medicine is an invaluable tool for those who wish to compliment existing allopathic care or for those who are seeking non-invasive preventative care.



Do you want your approach to health and wellbeing to be based on the reality of energy or the illusion of matter?

We are energy which has clustered to create physical form. Our bodies naturally react to energy work in such a beautiful way because energy is the body’s natural, healing elixir. Emotional, physical and mental trauma creates an imbalance within our energetic body-an imbalance which when left unattended to, can create disease and chronic health issues.

It is important to note that energy medicine does not diagnose or treat illness/disease but rather treats the energetic systems of the body so the body can do what it is meant to do naturally; restore and heal. Energy medicine, at least in how I approach it, is meant to keep your body hormonally and energetically running optimally so you experience increased vitality, joy and vigor. Additionally, I see energy medicine as a non-invasive means of assisting you in allopathic treatment such as chemo, radiation and surgery. Energy medicine has been shown to reduce systems that naturally occur with more invasive procedures.

Energy Medicine Session

I work with Reiki, Quantum Touch and the meridian system of the body. For remote healings I focus primarily upon Reiki. If you are local to Colorado I offer healing in my home healing space in Parker, Colorado. If you are not local we work remotely via Zoom video for your healing session. Distant Reiki is no different from Reiki done in person. Energy transcends time and space allowing for us to work together regardless of your physical location. I work intuitively meaning I open to insight from your energy, guides and your body. After our session, with your permission, I will share what information came through. Please note that if you are struggling with a chronic problem or a deep imbalance we will address these over a series of session to be determined after your initial healing.

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Energy Medicine

Lets connect via Zoom or face to face to create a healing space & support you in your pursuit of health, vitality and relaxation.