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This manifesting business can be confusing given the amount of information and misinformation out there. Do you think positively? Do you avoid thinking about what you don’t want?Or maybe you are just at the point where you think all this manifesting woo-woo juju is bunk and you are over it? Today I am giving you the low down on “truths” of manifesting are a total waste of your time. Thus freeing up your precious time for what does work.  

While you may be overwhelmed with manifesting I assure you that its really, really fucking powerful IF you have the right person guiding you. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot out there that has value.

And then there is some stuff that is just plain crap.

This was the reason I created the Curated Life Process™ because frankly I had enough of running from one book to the next, unsure what I should do or how I should do it and feeling like even when I followed the suggestions I was given I still got nowhere.

In that time, I’ve gotten pretty clear on what manifesting requires (you can get clear too by scheduling your own Manifest Session™ or enrolling in The Process™, the online program teaching you the Curated Life Process™ from your own home) and also what it does not. I’m busting some myths with you today-knocking down those false truths around manifesting and illuminating the landscape. Trust me this is going to make the process of manifesting so much easier and so less confining.

Don’t think about what you don’t want. No, seriously. NO. Thoughts. About. The. Don’ts.

If you’ve read even a single book on manifesting you have heard all about how you have to stay focused on what you do want and not on what you do want. We are told over and over how thinking about what we don’t want will give us more of the same.

I call bullshit.

Sort of….and what I mean by that is that yes, thinking over and over and over and over and over again about what you are not keen on having happen is not necessarily a recipe for mental and emotional wellbeing. It can even create neurological relationships in the brain that encode your brain to perceive through the lens of what you don’t want which is not a good thing especially where manifesting is concerned. So, when you first begin manifesting and you are totally committed it is good to remain heavily rooted in the things you do want. This is until you have started created new neurological relationships that are encoded with the perspective and vision of what you do want. BUT knowing what you don’t want. Knowing what you’ve tried and didn’t work or how you don’t want to feel is JUST as important as knowing what you DO want. So, having a few thoughts about what you don’t want isn’t going to derail all the work you’ve been doing. It’s not even going to dent it, in truth.

Ask for the Sun, Moon and Stars! I mean why not ask for it all when manifesting??

To be honest because sometimes we aim too high. I get it-we should have that stretch goal. But then we need to chunk that shit down and break it up into smaller, more actionable steps that we can actually conceptualize.

Honey, when I started manifesting I was making about 10k a year, dependent on government assistance to help me raise my son and still be able to go to school. I started with nothing more than an idea for this new business that utilized my intuitive gifts and felt like my calling. That was it. Had it not been for the kindness of a friend helping me out I wouldn’t have had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

I was that broke.

So, when I started manifesting my goal of wanting to make 5k a month was impossible for me to achieve. Because I could not eve conceptualize making per month half of what I made all year. I had no idea what that looked like. I had no idea what I needed to do. I had no conceivable means of creating the pathways for this energy to flow to me.

And it frustrated the hell out of me because I was doing the work to manifest this money but didn’t realize that my reaching for the top branch of the tree while still having my feet firmly planted on the ground some 100 feet below it was not the wisest, most productive choice to make.

Instead I started climbing the smaller branches. I created micro goals under that larger goal. I broke this larger goal down into smaller and smaller parts so that by the time I was done I could easily reach my hand up, grab the lowest branch and pull myself upwards. I still got to the larger goal but by breaking that larger goal up into pathways that 1) got energy flowing and 2) were conceivable to my (then) current circumstances I was able to climb that tree more efficiently and with greater ease. Which was nice because I was tired of trying to scale a tree like I was Super Woman.

The take away, my friends? Have your stretch goal. But don’t reach for that goal like you are going to hop from where you are to that in mere days. Instead take that goal and break it down into smaller and smaller goals. This is going to help you take action immediately. You will feel empowered to see things starting to take form and you will find that each of the smaller goals takes you closer and closer to that larger, once seemingly impossible goal.

You can think your way to a better life…

Let me come right out of the gate and explain that if our brains were that star spangled awesome that a mere thought could change our lives then you and I both would not be here. We would all be off somewhere living our most fabulous, completely perfect lives. That’s not to say that a truly unlocked brain isn’t a powerful tool, indeed, because it is. But you cannot think your way to being rich. You’ve got to believe your way there.

In the Curated Life Process™ I explain that BELIEF + THOUGHT + EMOTION + ACTION = MANIFESTING.

Ergo if you believe you are unworthy of riches, love or whatever else it is that you desire like cold water after a long and arduous walk in the desert then you will find the rest of the system of manifesting flawed and incomplete. Manifesting is a little bit like a complicated recipe. You are totes excited for some yummy goodness, so excited that you just start throwing all the ingredients together like it’s your job only to realize once you are past the point of turning back that you were supposed to mix the ingredients just so, in a particular order otherwise it would fall completely flat. You can’t think your way to a better life. You have to BELIEVE yourself towards one. And belief is just one part of the pie. But to pull from another metaphor-if the foundation of a house is out of whack then eventually the entire thing comes tumbling down. This is why the Curated Life Process™ begins with an exhaustive inquiry into belief.

If you are ready to get your manifest on then lets meet and hold space in a bespoke, one-on-one Manifest Session™. If you are not ready for the one-on-one treatment you can still benefit from the Curated Life Process™ from the comfort of your own home by enrolling in The Process™.

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