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Crystals are more than just gorgeous to look at. They have a beautiful energy that can aid us in our lives and help us develop and clarify our intuition. Their real power comes to the surface when we consciously work with these stones and their particular resonance. Each stone holds a variety of properties that can be used for everything from healing, manifesting, and intuition, to name just a few.

As an Intuitive Therapist, crystals figure prominently into my energetic self-care but anyone who wants to increase, develop, or receive intuitive gifts and insight can benefit from working with crystals.

Let’s break down the common crystals for intuition and specific ways you can work with them.

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image via Pinterest


The rainbow spectrum of this moody stone is entrancing from first glance. Labradorite reveals the unknown. Known as the stone of magic, labradorite opens and clears all seven chakras, an important component of having a robust intuition. More than this, labradorite awakens our mystical and psychic abilities by setting off an unfurling of change on the spiritual level. It’s a high resonance stone so its energy can be felt immediately and quite strongly. This high resonance also assists with stimulating the pituitary gland, the “psychic” sight of the brain needed for intuitive gifts. Labradorite is best for expansion of clairvoyance and claircognizance.

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Want a stone that works a gentle and peaceful energy while also helping you connect emotionally? Then look no further than lepidolite. This lilac stone naturally contains Lithium and helps to calm and relax the energetic and physical body. This is a crucial element to picking up on subtle emotional energies related to clairsentience. Empaths can benefit greatly from this calming stone both for activating and clearing the upper chakras but creating spaciousness between personal emotions and feelings related to their empathic skills.

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Those looking to receive guidance from their Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters will find selenite a fantastic choice. Selenite helps to open and activate the Crown Chakra. This enables us to connect to the spirit realm with ease which is essential for clairaudient intuition. Selenite is a very high vibration stone that allows for us to drawn the light of the higher realms. This not only expands the connection to the spirit realm it also helps to cleanse the meridians of the physical and energetic body. One of the main blocks to receiving the wisdom of our Guides is clogged meridians of our physical and energetic body. Selenite helps to clear these channels which creates effortless flow of spiritual guidance

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image via Pinterest


Another high vibe stone designed to enhance psychic awareness, magnesite is great for amplifying claircognizance. Magnesite has a vibration which increases self trust. To trust our intuitive knowing requires we trust ourselves and the guidance that comes through.

Magnesite is great for enhancing creativity which is intrinsically linked to our intuition. Especially when considering claircognizance, magnesite helps us to channel insight from the spirit realm through automatic writing. Additionally magnesite activates the Soul Star Chakra which is crucial for receiving direct and inner knowing.

 image courtesy of  Luminosity Crystals
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image courtesy of Luminosity Crystals


One of the most widely known and recognized stones, amethyst is a bit of a wonderchild in the crystal world. Amethyst is attributed to a variety of healing and metaphysical purposes including activating our intuition. This is a major Crown Chakra activator and because it is also such a relaxing stone this becomes a perfect recipe for intuitive download and journey. The relaxing properties along with the Crown Chakra activation make amethyst a perfect stone for clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairsentience.

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image via Pinterest


This dark and bewitching stone is a favorite crystal for manifesting as well as for intuition. Nuummite is considered the Sorcerer’s stone. It activates deep Earth energy and is strongly tied to the Earth Star Chakra. Nuummite is a catch all crystal for intuition as it assists in opening what gifts you naturally have but because of its strong Earth energy it’s also great for clairsentients. While nuummite is great for expanding intuitive gifts and helping understand more about where our natural strengths reside it’s also a fantastic grounding stone to help those who are working with their intuition to maintain proper energetic integrity.

How To Work With Crystals To Expand Intuition

There are many different ways to work with stones but when it comes to increasing intuition I find the following most effective.

Crystal Grids

Crystal gridding is a fantastic way of raising energy employing sacred geometry and various stones. By combining the resonance of your crystals with the geometric patterns you help to increase the energy raised. While many grids are used for manifesting purposes I find them just as effective for raising energy towards the intention of expanding skills. Create your crystal grid and spend time each day meditating while focusing on your intention to expand your intuition. See yourself receiving this guidance. What do you do with this guidance? Who do you help? How does the intuitive guidance you receive inform your choices? Spending this time in the presence of your crystal grid allows you to receive the energies generated.


One of the simplest means of working with crystals to enhance intuition is through meditation. Newbies, have no fear! You needn’t don monks robes and take a vow of silence to effectively meditate! In fact meditation is one of the simplest things we can do. We complicate it with our perception. Spending 10 minutes a day in quiet contemplation with your crystal of choice in your hand is a wonderful means of receiving the stones medicine. You can sit and focus on the breath or much like your meditation with the crystal grid you can visualize your intuition expanding and how you will work with this wisdom. You can also download Binaural beats and/or Isochronic Tones to help you go deeper in your meditation with zero effort required on your part.

Crystal Healing

Regardless of whether or not you practice any form of energetic healing like Reiki you can do crystal healing. Choose 2 stones that you feel called towards for intuition and find a comfortable spot to lay down. Place one stone on your third eye, the space right between and just slightly above your eyebrows, and another at the crown of your head. This activates the Crown and Ajna (third eye) Chakra which are the two gateways for receiving intuitive wisdom. You can stay in this position, visualizing the stones energy infusing these two areas with clear white light, for as long as you wish though I would suggest at least 5 minutes.








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