January 14, 2018





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A theme I’ve seen strongly as of late with my client’s centers around questions on where things are going with a list of 4-5 different options that they are swirling around in their big, beautiful minds. Having the ideas is great-it’s a sign of a highly creative, multi-passionate individual.

When it comes to manifesting, however, having a ton of options and not a great deal of commitment can lead to a lack of fulfillment.

Enter clarity of vision.

We have all, and I mean all of us, have found ourselves in a place of uncertainty. A place where a plethora of options didn’t serve us but maybe served to show just how uncertain we were of what we wanted.

Because that is where clarity of vision is rooted. Clarity of vision is deeply rooted in our awareness of what we want. And if we do not know what we want, if we have not check in with our inner psychic, our emotions or have built a life primarily around what others wanted for us then chances are great our clarity of vision is skewed at best or completely nonexistent at worst.

When our clarity of vision is skewed or nonexistent then we float back and forth between options. We try many goals on for size but we do not actually accomplish anything. Or even dangerous still we do not even try on these goals. We merely think about them and wonder how it would be and if it would be better than option 1 or should we actually go with option 3. Meanwhile time is passing by at an alarming rate and our life gets further and further away from what we hoped it would be come.

But when our clarity of vision is strong and is rooted in what we desire for the self we find that we laser in on what we want. We trust that what we feel drawn towards is the right thing because it aligns with what we want in feeling and energy. We are able to stay consistent and work towards a singular goal and even if other goals or opportunities arise we know that we can integrate them down the line and make them part of this greater vision for ourself. They do not become the obstacles we set in our path that distract us and take us off our game.

So how do you find clarity of vision?

A great deal of what I teach in Manifest Sessions centers clarity of vision and this is because without it the ability to create is severely diminished. It is both the simplest and yet close to the most difficult aspect of The Process. This is because while simple, to find clarity of vision we have to do something that for many of us feels completely foreign. We have to shove aside all notion of what we’ve done thus far. We have to remove all conditioning of our parents, care-takers and societal/cultural conditioning.

We have to drop deeply into our body intuition and listen to how it responds to stimuli.

Ask yourself a set of questions 

• Does this idea light me up?

• Does this job/relationship/path make my body hum with excitement?

• When I think of what I want where does my mind travel to first? On me and what feels good to me or on what we know would make others happy?

• Who do I want to be?

• What do you want to have?

These questions are designed to help you dial into the essence of what you desire for the self and will help uncover clarity of vision. Do note, never underestimate the ego’s power to trick and manipulate us. The reason why this part of The Process is so difficult is that we’ve built deep trenches of conditioning centered entirely on what others want. What others are doing and have had success with. We do not have a great deal of experience of rooting in our authenticity, especially if that authenticity conflicted with the expectations of others.

When we take a magnifying glass to the choices we’ve made we see a strong relationship with what others wanted of us and our convincing ourself that it’s what we want. You would be amazed how creating awareness around this trend helps us to pause and consider. To create the spaciousness that allows us to form clarity of vision which enables us to manifest with ease.

If you are ready to go through The Process you can schedule your personal Manifest Session today. 

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