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I believe that we each hold the power to transmute our confusion into clarity, trauma into spiritual gold and obstruction into limitless possibility. Because we are meant to live a life rich with freedom, abundance, clarity and alignment. 
This is the very premise behind Intuitive Alchemy. 

Welcome! My name is Laura and I am so glad that you are here! 






This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


Junes energy is a bit paradoxical. Requiring us to find balance between sometimes differing forces.

    Sunday April 15th marks both an Aries New Moon and Mercury stationing direct. A few days later Chiron stations 2 degrees Aries and Saturn moves into his retrograde. This makes for a week of astrological weather that is set to knock everyone in their ass and shake up the status quo.  Buckle up, […]

    The Month of March presents an influx of energy that draws a heavy amount of attention to how we personally show up in our lives. This is highlighted both actively and inactively with special attention placed on our healing and the journey we have been on since Chiron entered Pisces in 2011. We […]

February begins with a blast of energy in the form of the Lunar eclipse which took place on January 31st. This was a Lunar eclipse as well as a blue moon making for a powerful combination to end the month and send us forward.

Everyone interprets Tarotscopes differently but the insight that you gain is a personal experience and invaluable tool. How you work with this insight can shape the life you lead by informing your actions and perceptions to the events that take place around you. Tarotscopes help to empower you with knowledge of the energy you will face in your day, week month and year. 

Children come into this world without any programming or disbelief. They embody the Fool’s energy so innately and this is part of their magic. They believe anything is possible and therefore they make everything possible.


The energy of Tarot speaks to us in the phases of our lives. Each card an energy we can call on or that some how infuses itself in our life when we need it most.

Today’s New Moon in Capricorn reminds us how a little hard work can go a long way.

January Tarotscopes combine Tarot and astrology to give you insight into the month ahead. 

Tarot is a wonderful tool for empowerment and guidance. It helps us to tap into unconscious wisdom that resides within and is a direct link to our higher self. But there are two cards that can immediately shift the tone of a reading. Those two cards that the moment people see them they instantly freeze. […]


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