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I help women live their highest and best by marrying together intuitive and traditional modalities. Together we heal and clear old paradigms and shed the skin of old so you are free to become the person you've always been meant to be.

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This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


Tired of Manifesting what you don’t want? Here is why it happens and a 4 part process for manifesting more of what you desire.

Mindset is a foundational aspect of all of life and yet for many of us its a place filled with litter and limitation. These are three core ways through which we can transmute our mindset.

3 Essential Tarot Cards For Manifesting

This is simple example is about the power we have to accomplish anything we want when we move out of seeing what we lack and instead believe that we can lack any number of things we think we need and still accomplish what we desire.

Having is evidence of wanting and until we peel back the layers of subconscious beliefs we remain locked in relationship patterns that do not serve us. 

04. The Fool and Effortless manifesting In this episode of the Intuitive Alchemy podcast we are exploring the idea of the Archetype of the Fool and Effortless Manifesting. There are numerous tools that enhance our manifesting process and one of those is the Tarot. Though there are many other cards that embody manifesting, the Fool […]

Lets resolve to keeping our resolutions through these simple and accessible tools.

Stone medicine is one of my favorite ways to get a little extra with manifesting. While they by no means can create the type of massive or lasting manifestations that many of us seek.

Children come into this world without any programming or disbelief. They embody the Fool’s energy so innately and this is part of their magic. They believe anything is possible and therefore they make everything possible.


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