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Ritualcravt and in Parker, Colorado

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I believe that we each hold the power to transmute our confusion into clarity, trauma into spiritual gold and obstruction into limitless possibility. Because we are meant to live a life rich with freedom, abundance, clarity and alignment. 
This is the very premise behind Intuitive Alchemy. 

Welcome! My name is Laura and I am so glad that you are here! 






This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


Our loyal friend and protector needed a major surgery. I am offering a special on two of my reading offerings to help off set the cost.

  ~This article was originally published on Elephant Journal. You can read it here.    One of the things I am quite frank about is the fact that I have had my share of screw ups in the romantic department. If there was a mistake to make, I made it. If there was something I […]

Affairs are not just acts committed by callous individuals. In fact most instances of cheating are not predicated on habitual deviant behavior but bred from a lack of self exploration and needs that are not being met. Affairs are containers for our growth.


So Purkh is a 40 day challenge for women to bring forward masculine presence in their life. It is suggested that this mantra can attract your partner but it goes well beyond this.

Loving an Aries can be a bit like playing with fire: it’s mesmerizing to look at and the warmth makes you want to get oh-so-close, yet if you’re not careful, tender skin burns under the intensity of this fire sign.

Involved With A Back & Forth Lover? Those lovers who cannot manage to stay in your life consistently but instead float in and out on a schedule which fits them? They want you one moment and the next you cannot get them to return your call? Sound familiar? I thought so. It’s massively frustrating to […]


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