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Ritualcravt and in Parker, Colorado

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I help women live their highest and best by marrying together intuitive and traditional modalities. Together we heal and clear old paradigms and shed the skin of old so you are free to become the person you've always been meant to be.

Hey there, lovely! I am Laura and I am so glad you are here






This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


The Full Moon in Capricorn is opening a portal of discovery into who we are becoming that breeds inner and outer authenticity.

You do not need to wait for a sign. You do not lack any information that is truly essential to picking up your feet and moving in the direction of what you desire.

Junes energy is a bit paradoxical. Requiring us to find balance between sometimes differing forces.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a portal into renewal and rejuvenation. It is an opening not for doing but being. For witnessing and for observing.

A delicious return to our natural state-the balance that we’ve been seeking. And it all begins with a little sacred selfishness.

    Have I got some news for you, my love! Mercury is finally moving forward on Thursday, March 28th! The planet of communication, technology, expression is going to get back into its groove and though we still have a two week shadow period to contend with the energy will certainly shift giving each of […]

    Welcome to 2019 and with a bang, nonetheless! On January 5th we welcome a new moon, partial eclipse in Capricorn. We start the year with a powerful energy that forces us to get real about what we want to accomplish and what this year is going to hold for us. Solar Eclipse, who […]

A deep awakening is taking place. Parts of ourselves are falling away and an unveiling is happening.

Buckle up-Mercury is retrograding! And I want us to rethink our perception of this transit.

    The new moon falling on 11/7 and in the sign of Scorpio is an opening for examining wounds and releasing that which no longer works in our favor.   New Moon Meaning Each new moon is an opportunity to start anew. We all need a fresh start every now and again. The new […]

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