July 19, 2016

Strong And Sturdy Capricorn Full Moon




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It is never easy asking if we are doing our best and then answering that question honestly. We have a tendency towards romanticizing our efforts, glossing over our shortcomings and assuming that we have dug deep and brought all we have to the surface. It can be difficult work to step back, remove ego and honestly ask whether we have given all that we have. This is something that we are seeing played on out on the broader level as social discord is resulting in violent and destabilizing uprising.

Collectively we are all feeling the friction that is caused when we rub against the realization that perhaps we have not been doing all that we can. That we have been skating by and doing the bare minimum or even less than that. Today’s full moon in the sign of Capricorn forces us into action. Today we feel the urge to no longer ignore where we have been slacking and instead take a true and honest look at our lives both on a micro and macro level.

Capricorn is all about order, structure, rules and getting it done. There is no notion of too much or too hard as they see it all as doable. They will scale mountains to achieve what is needed and this energy will infuse us with an understanding that our world, both at home in our community and Mama Earth, will always be a reflection of the effort put into it.

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Today is a day for taking stock and asking yourself where you could improve and what you want to accomplish. What relationships have received only the bare minimum of your attention? What limits have you placed on yourself in your work by playing it small? How have you interacted in your community to bring a sense of wholeness and healing during times when so many are in pain and suffering? There is an internal revolution taking place and its going to result in a massive expansion to the reality we se reflected around us.

We have great power today to accomplish and see through tasks or goals we previously felt were totally impossible. We can change the world with the decisions that we make in the coming two weeks and there will be no telling what is possible for those who take this energy seriously.

Today as I was getting myself and the kids together for breakfast I teased with the idea of not pulling a daily card and posting on Instagram as I try to do each week day. I felt my guides whispering gently for me to pull just one card, just one. So I listened and sure enough my guides know better than I do the medicine the world needed today. Todays message was simple but powerful and in complete alignment with this full moon. It was a message of new beginnings, hope, taking a leap of faith and thinking big. It was a reminder that our medicine today is found in our hopes and dreams. It is in pushing ourselves past what we have assumed we can or can’t do. It is time to blow open the doors, step through the threshold and truly arrive in our lives.

Wishing you oodles of full moon magic!




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