LIVE Salon Event: Dance With The Shadow

Its time to weave magic and learn to dance in the dark. To turn towards our shadow with open arms and examine her lessons. To find wholeness that comes when we realize we were meant to hold the entire world within us. That part of the numinous, beautiful human experience is showing love and compassion to all parts of the self-not just those which are easy to love. 

Wont you be my guest for this months online Salon-a night with me, guided by alchemy-to discuss our shadow and learn to love even the difficult and frustrating parts of ourselves? To reach deep, inward, in an expansive, healing and emotional meditation experience? I am listening to spirit who telling me that its time-its time for us to rise, in light and in dark. To radiate our stunning, complex selves in our fullest expansion so we may show up in purpose and service to ourselves and the world. 

This event is held online October 28th at 1pm MST and recorded for those who cannot make it live. Tickets are extremely limited-and offered for only 27.00. I look forward to sharing this space with you! 

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Laura Brown