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Ritualcravt and in Parker, Colorado

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I help women live their highest and best by marrying together intuitive and traditional modalities. Together we heal and clear old paradigms and shed the skin of old so you are free to become the person you've always been meant to be.

Hey there, lovely! I am Laura and I am so glad you are here






This is your spot for monthly Tarotscope readings, cosmic transmissions and other tips for living deliciously.


You do not need to wait for a sign. You do not lack any information that is truly essential to picking up your feet and moving in the direction of what you desire.

Junes energy is a bit paradoxical. Requiring us to find balance between sometimes differing forces.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a portal into renewal and rejuvenation. It is an opening not for doing but being. For witnessing and for observing.

3 easy steps to keeping your mojo dialed high on any project or shift you desire to make.

Wavellite brings a deep and yet gentle healing while also increasing abundance and unity consciousness.

Having is evidence of wanting and until we peel back the layers of subconscious beliefs we remain locked in relationship patterns that do not serve us. 

04. The Fool and Effortless manifesting In this episode of the Intuitive Alchemy podcast we are exploring the idea of the Archetype of the Fool and Effortless Manifesting. There are numerous tools that enhance our manifesting process and one of those is the Tarot. Though there are many other cards that embody manifesting, the Fool […]

March holds the promise for awakening and a robust energy that can take us deeply into the halls of who we are and what we are about. In this series of episodes I am going into the general energy of March and then taking you sign by sign with a reading to help you forward. […]

In this episode…     I am opening the channels to deliver a message from our cosmic family who has a message to share about the masks that we wear. And we all wear masks. They sometimes are for show because of who we happen to be around and sometimes they become so ingrained in […]

A delicious return to our natural state-the balance that we’ve been seeking. And it all begins with a little sacred selfishness.

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