I found myself feeling mildly happy that this order was signed only to realize that we sign shit into "law" often that means little in it's real world translation. 
I acknowledge and hold in my heart the heavy truth that this order does nothing to reunite the children already separated from their families. 

The trauma cannot really be undone. We can only continue to apply  pressure to see to it that these vile and abhorrent, these utterly heartless in their callousness people do not grow comfortable and complacent. Assuming that once again the American people and the world at large is easily hoodwinked into believing something before seeing any action OR that we will not demand the return of these children already locked away in what equates as modern day concentration camps, to their parents. 

The fight is FAR from over. 


While this may make some uncomfortable and I've received messages suggesting I should stick to motivation and readings rest assured this is ultimately MY page. My social media presence MY presence. A reflection of my thoughts and vision. And always, ALWAYS in service of the highest good of all.
Taking children from their family is never a justifiable or excusable act. And just like other instances of racism you cannot sit pretty thinking this shit won't happen to you.
Maybe it wont.
Maybe your privilege affords a certain element of security. Then it is your job to be a voice for those who lack that privilege. Those who lack resources. Who lack a home. Because some day it may be us pretty little while folx showing up to some neighboring country's border begging for asylum because our tyrannical government has put its foot down upon our heads.

And let me tell you, you've never seen a passion as hot or an anger so ugly as what I will unleash upon anyone who dares separate me from my babes. There is no law to keep you safe from my vengeance if you try to RIP my kids from my arms. And there is no place you will be safe because my fury will have reach. 


And I know I am not alone. Which is why we just end the boundaries and divisions. This isolationist mentality that YOUR babe is different from mine. Nope. Your child is my child and my child is yours and together we stand against those who launch assault after assault in a thus far very successful attempt to divide and isolate.  We need more people willing to speak up and act. More people who seek to be more than hashtag activists.
Because the parallels are frightening. The degradation of our most basic civil/human rights pissed on as though they mean nothing. And the truth is they DO mean absolutely nothing to those in power who benefit tremendously when we are complacent. When we are distracted by the latest shiny iPhone or new car. When we are too busy scouring through online gallery after online gallery clicking on our latest wardrobe or just generally sitting back shrugging our shoulders thinking that it cant happen to us (because it can, it already has. Most of us are just to blind to see the insidious ways this government has ripped at the very fabric of our so called freedom).

So many of us are feeling a void. A general state of dis-ease. We feel this sense of lack even when our lives are flourishing and we have everything we could possibly need. We are all part of the collective. We are all suffering when a mother is taken from her baby because her crime is seeking a better life. I am no pollyanna about the state of the US but I am also wise enough to acknowledge that we do have it better than most out there. I know that there are those who look to this country and see an opportunity to thrive. To do better. And we owe it to ourselves, to those who look up to us to be a better example of compassion, inclusivity and love. To not tarnish the hope and dreams projected upon what is possible in this country because we have become greedy and egotistical. And yes the grass is always greener but I would rather feed hope into the collective and actively work to bring hope and love and inclusivity to everyone and not just a select few than to greedily cling what freedoms and opportunities we have to our chest. 

Laura Brown