Thank Mercury-Retrograde is over!


Have I got some news for you, my love! Mercury is finally moving forward on Thursday, March 28th! The planet of communication, technology, expression is going to get back into its groove and though we still have a two week shadow period to contend with the energy will certainly shift giving each of us a little breathing room.

But wait a minute, Laura, you didn't tell us Mercury was retrograde!?

You’re right. I didn't. But I imagine there were plenty of articles to choose from to get the skinny on what happens when Mercury goes retrograde (and a few very funny memes, too). What I am most interested in knowing and guiding you through today is mining the lessons of Mercury retro.

See, there is so much information on how Mercury can royally f#ck with our lives but what I am always intrigued by are the ways that it helped us. The ways in which it illuminated something we have been repeating over and over again. A challenge we’ve faced down a few times that Mercury likes to toy with so we get deeper in our growth. The relationships that had ended some time ago that suddenly had a jolt of fresh energy. These are just a few of the topics that really reveal Mercury retrogrades medicine. And by placing focus on how this transit is helping us we are moving away from focusing on all that can go wrong which is an energetic recipe for creating a whole lotta what you don’t want.

And ain’t nobody got time for that.

Journal out these question-dig into the ones that resonate most but give yourself permission to really explore the ways Mercury has amplified your greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

  1. What people, situations, habits and patterns I am familiar with emerged during Mercury Retrograde?

  2. What were your reactions to any Mercury retrograde challenges you faced?

  3. What do these reactions say about patterns of behavior you thought you kicked in the past?

  4. In what ways do you feel Mercury retrograde positively impacted you?

  5. Did this transit have a theme for you? If so, what was it?

  6. Think of something that caused you to feel disappointed in yourself that took place during this transit. What is the lesson here?

  7. What was something that happened during this transit that surprised you?

  8. In what ways did you surprise yourself during this transit?

  9. What do you feel changed within you during this transit?

  10. What are you inspired to work on or strengthen on yourself now that Mercury is getting ready to move forward?

Great job! Mining this transit for its medicine helps us to understand ourselves so much better which ultimately is the entire point of paying any attention to these transits. To view any transit simply through the lens of what can go wrong or become challenged is to severely underscore the vast potential for personal growth that each transit holds.

These questions will not only help you dig into what you learned during this latest round of Mercury retrograde but will also help you internally position yourself to view the upcoming transits (Mercury moon walks across the sky again from July 7th to 31st) from a fresh and much more relaxed perspective.