Virgo New Moon | Success Through Steady Hands


The New Moon, which took place in Virgo on Sunday, represents a not so subtle shift into progression and flow. Virgo is the consummate hard worker who sees the tiniest details as important. They make a plan and go after what they want with a steady hand ensuring they reach their goal efficiently.

This is the energy we need as we slow our way into the darker months. It’s the much-needed catalyst to stay on top of things even as internally we feel the pace begin to slow. It can be all too tempting as the days grow shorter to slide into inactivity and while this is a necessary shift in our cycle there is still important work to be done.

And for many of us things are actually just getting started. The Virgo New Moon dials us into the important work we still need to tend to. Whether with our work, our family/relationships or our body we are gifted with the awareness that something calls to us.

It speaks the language of ideas and possibility. Of truth and unfolding.

It serves as a reminder that even when we sit still the atoms of our body are still in motion. We still hum with energy that courses through us. We are never truly still, and one thing Virgo allows us is an awareness of how to use our time wisely and purposefully.

This New Moon highlights those things we’ve yet to accomplish this year and the not so subtle push into getting shit done. In remembering that this is our life and it’s a life that will remain unchanged if we are unwilling to do the work.

This is a transit that allows us to shake off stagnation and weak justifications for our inaction. It is the pure energy of possibility that rises to the fore when we take the reins and tary not.

Over the next two weeks expect that flow is easily achieved but only when we direct it with consciousness. It’s easy to lament the obstacles in our way, it’s another entirely to stand up and prove they cannot stop you. The next two weeks calls for us to be of service. Service to others and service to the self. To see each act, each step, every bit of effort as sacred.

Trust that nothing will stand in your way and so it shall be. For there is no obstacle that can truly hinder your path. Virgo is the perfect strategist, ready and able to see both the microcosm and macrocosm of any situation. To hone in on strengths and weaknesses. Virgo imbues each of us with the mental clarity and ingenuity to come up with a clever solution to any problem.

Virgo empowers us to trust that no matter the way, we can get it done. No obstacle can block the path for we make a new one. And it’s this willingness to be a trailblazer and the steady hand of hard work and determination that allows us to welcome the darker days as we turn the wheel with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.