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Rutilated Quartz

Master Amplifier

A favorite stone of mine for its wide array of metaphysical properties, Rutilated Quartz is a must have stone medicine. So what do you want right now? To gain clarity? To deepen your capacity to manifest? Read on to learn more about ho Rutiliated Quartz can help you!

Where to find Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is found pretty much anywhere you could find standard clear Quartz though there are large quantities are often found in Madagascar or Brazil. Rutilated Quartz is a titanium dioxide mineral. When rich in iron oxide the rutile will be golden or red in color. When iron oxide is not as rich the rutile is darker and even black in color. 
These stones are quite easy to get ahold of and having a stone which is wired or otherwise made into jewelry is one of my favorite ways of keeping this stone nearby at all times. Another great option is finding a stone appropriately sized for keeping in your bra or pocket. This is one of those stones that the more you wear it, the more you work with it say in meditation, the deeper the relationship you build. 

What Rutilated Quartz offers

Rutilated Quartz is said to offer a different set of metaphysical properties depending upon the color of the rutile. Golden rutile is great for helping you to cope with major life changes and transitions. Red helps you to take empowered action and make positive changes and black rutile helps with protecting your energy. 
All rutile is known for amplifying your energy and in particular activates the higher chakras. This assists with clear thinking and tapping into your most authentic and actualized self. 

Working with Rutilated Quartz

Working with Rutilated Quartz brings a wide array of benefits to your life. Here are a few of my favorite ways of incorporating its medicine in your day to day.

rutilated quartz point

Place Rutilated Quartz in your home to:

Rutilated Quartz is a fabulous stone amplifying energy but also collecting negative energy. Our homes are host to our every feeling and experience. Even when we go through something outside the home the moment we walk in the door that energy is carried in with us. Rutilated Quartz is a superb way of collecting that energy and keeping it from swirling around you and your family as you enjoy your sanctuary. 

Meditate with Rutilated Quartz to:

Depending on the color you can meditate with Rutilated Quartz to protect and cleanse your energy, help you cope with changes you are facing and for getting a direct line to your guides. Remember this stone activates and assists the upper chakra (think heart chakra and above) so any meditation or energy work employing those chakras are greatly enhanced with rutile. 

Keep Rutilated Quartz on your person to:

This is one of those stones I highly encourage be bought, at least one piece, as a piece of jewelry. This stone works in the auric field so the more you have it on you the better. When wearing Rutilated Quartz you will protect your energy, take empowered action and speak with purpose, clarity and ease. If you have something challenging you need to do wearing this stone can aid in coping with your heightened stress. 

Bring the juiciness of Rutilated Quartz to your career to:

Looking for a promotion? Need to ask for a raise? This is a fantastic stone for manifesting shifts in your career but also taking that empowered and inspired action that gets you what you want and what you deserve. Nothing says "Gimme the money" than showing up and being boss in whatever it is that you do and this stone will help you show up with power. 

Bring Rutilated Quartz medicine to your relationship to:

Oh the ups and downs of relationships, how they twist and turn going from great to meh and back to great again. Rutilated Quartz is just the medicine your relationship needs when you and bae are in a bit of a tight spot. Again think of the beautiful coping power this stone brings to the table. Additionally if you find its time to drop bae and put the focus back on yourself this stone can help you take that action, aid you in coping with your emotions and bring you back to a place of peeling back the layers to reveal the new and much improved you.