Cancer New Moon | Partial Solar Eclipse | Forged By Fire

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Boundaries as spiritual structures of home

The New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday, July 12th is a powerful opportunity for stepping up to the plate, opening to the power our feelings have in designing our lives whilst also giving us a chance to clean house. 

In my post about Cancer season I explored the concept of boundaries as it relates to Cancerian energy. Now, with this New Moon we dip our toes into the fluidity of Cancer. We tap into the emotional undertone and the power these emotions have to either serve as fuel forward or the weight which drags us down. 

With this transit we are forced to examine our emotions and what stirs them.

What structures in our life continue to break us down or limit us and in what ways have we resisted letting them go? Eclipses are portals for grand change. They bring life altering circumstances that radically shift the direction our lives take in the coming months. They are the universal checks and balances that come in to create sweeping change when we have been clawing our way towards more of the same, resisting change. 

Combine the change that comes in like a bull in a china shop with each eclipse to the energy of new beginnings of a New Moon and what you have is a very potent opportunity for change. For creating a fresh start. One which allows you to step into a new and improved version of you. 

But like all changes, especially the truly beautiful and awe inspiring ones, we have to go through the fire first. Pluto is currently retrograde and is mingling with this transit. Pluto is the grand daddy of transformation. He presides over those really big, really deep changes that we need to make to stay on target to our life's purpose. If eclipses are the checks and balances then Pluto is best described as the bitch slap of change. Though I would not often associate fire with Pluto that is the very element that is pulling and prying its way into my psyche as I focus on this transit. 

Its a fire fed from change.

We see it everywhere. The lava flowing on the big island. The heatwave making its way across the whole of Earth. The fire we feel building within. All signs of change. Signs that change is coming. Some of it good, desirable even and some of it not. But absolutely all of it bred from the choices we've made or not made. Because that is Plutos real call to fame-he helps you to see the role you've played in the shit going down around you. He clues you in to the subconscious patterns that are driving your actions in this life. 
His lessons are not always easy; Pluto is that therapist you love to hate. You walk out of each session crying and pissed off but you know you are going to come right back next week because though he is hard-nosed as they come its working and life is getting better.

The lessons we learn with this transit may rub us the wrong way. They may force some pretty difficult truths upon us. They will certainly bend and pull us in ways that feel uncomfortable. But it is for our highest good. It is all part of helping us stay on the right path or find that path we have been long searching for. 
This transit will make heroes of us all. Because as we come out of the fire. As the flames slowly stop licking at our flesh we realize that we are still standing. We are new. Brand new-like a babe taking his first breath.