NEW MOON IN TAURUS: Creating Roots


Today's new moon in Taurus is a potent opportunity for creating roots and building success. This is an opportunity for us to tap into the essence of what we desire because Taurean energy is nothing if not completely about the experience. 

Slow And Steady

Taurus wants to delight in the experience. Its interested in how it feels. What it smells like. How it fills our being. Think of this energy not as the sprinter who races across the finish line but instead the marathon runner who, while slow and steady, takes in the fullness of the experience. 

Not that Taurus typically is going to be running marathons-they prefer a more sedate, sensual experience like devouring a delicious meal one tantalizing bite at a time but the analogy helps us to understand the roots Taurean energy is interested in. Its not interested in racing ahead of everyone else. This energy is the reminder that taking things slowly, step-by-step, we nurture the stability needed to make anything we are after a possibility. 


Today is a fine time for planting seeds of intention-literally and figuratively. A ritual I love doesn't involve fancy implements beyond seeds of your choice and a place (pot or ground) to plant them. Hold your seeds in your hand. Visualize your intention. Perhaps you hold a different intention with each seed or perhaps you hold them all to imbue each with your aim. There is no right or wrong-its simply about allowing the energy of your vision to fill these seeds before you plant them accordingly in the earth. 

This is a beautiful means through which you can see, quite literally, your dreams going from tiny contained ideas into full fledge, organic and living creations. And its incredibly fruitful, too. 

If your thumb is less than green you can still plant your seeds through the same visualization but with meditation. Taking the time to visualize yourself planting these seeds, imbued with your intention, into the Earth and springing forth into life. When I practice this meditation I choose a moon phase in the near future, say around the Summer Solstice, to revise this meditation, visualizing my seeds now as full grown plants with abundant growth. 

Channeled Message

The message that I channeled from my guides for this transit is medicine for each of us to take in. Simply reading the words alone provides each of us with a transmission of energy that downloads into our being exactly what we need right now in this plane, this dimension. 

"Everything begins as a tiny particle. Unseen by the naked eye and intangible were it not for its energetic frequency. All things, from your body, to the room you find yourself in to the ideas floating within, begin as nothing more than a concept. A possibility. A seed. 

A seed that when planted requires the nurturing of tender hands against a sometimes harsh environment in order to feel ready to burst open into and soon out of the dirt that surrounds it. So too much each idea, each light of inspiration within you be nurtured. Given what is needed so that it feels safe enough to unfurl into being.

The downfall of much that is attempted isn't a fate of failure. Its a lack of nurturing. Its a lack of commitment. Commitment to the process. What you plant today cannot expect to fruit tomorrow. All things take time. All things take some level of effort. Some days its hard and seems impossible whilst others feel effortless and carefree. Let go of the idea that all things should remain the same. What is easy today may tomorrow prove difficult. All things are in constant motion and tapping into this natural rhythm allows you to embrace the ebb and flow rather than be taken under by it. 

Just as you would not abandon a helpless child so too must you guard your dreams with the same level of affection and care. They too require your commitment. Your effort. Your faith. Because without you no possibility exists. Without you nothing grows. All seeds remain unplanted. All inspiration untapped. 

This is why the greatest obstacle between you and your dreams is not necessarily circumstance or fate. Its simply your ability to nurture and commit to your dreams in the same way you would any other living thing. Faith, determination, unyielding commitment. With these three things you shall always succeed."

Happy new moon, babes. 


Laura Brown