Mineral Medicine | Amazonite

amazonite chunk

Amazonite was one of the very first stones that I worked with and helped to spark a lifelong obsession with minerals and their properties. I now work with stones/minerals/crystals in all areas of my life and recently started teaching my 7 year old about stones and how to work with them.

It got me thinking about a new series that I can offer to you that helps to bring the medicine of these minerals home to you!

I wanted to start with amazonite which was actually the second stone I started working with (the first was a huge raw rose quartz) because it has always struck me as one of those stones that we should all have a chunk of. Its vibe is peaceful, heart and throat opening and brings a sense of subtle calmness.

Where amazonite is found?

The name of this mineral comes from the Amazon river where evidently there are massive deposits of this green blue stone. You can find this stone all over the place, however, from Russia to Peru to the US. Thanks to online commerce Amazonite is but a click away. Just be mindful because its rather easy to manufacture certain stones especially when they are the tumbled variety and you want to make sure you are getting your hands on the Real McCoy.

What does amazonite do?

Amazonite is a perfect stone for communicators. It stimulates the throat chakra as well as the heart chakra allowing us to speak our truth, to speak from the heart and to allow our words to be the soothing and healing balm sometimes needed in tricky situations.

This is a perfect stone for negotiators, public speakers, writers and those who guide and heal.

Amazonite helps us to connect with a subtle inner peace. I say subtle because it's not like, say, lithium quartz which is the mineral equivalent of xanax. This is more of a calm that comes from floating in a warm body of water with the sun beating down on you. It's an ease that envelopes you and allows you to completely unwind.

This makes amazonite a fantastic stone to place around the home, especially where people interact the most. It's a great facilitator of peaceful and loving communication as well as instilling your space with a totally chill vibe.

How do I work with amazonite?

Working with amazonite is crazy simple as it's such a strong yet gentle energy.

Place amazonite around your home to:

Facilitate easeful and loving communication.
Fill your space with a chill vibe that helps people relax and feel at ease.
Clear your space of EMF energies from cellphones, computers, televisions and microwaves.


Meditate with amazonite to:

Clear blockages of both the heart and throat chakra.
Activate confidence and assurance when interacting with others.
Bring hope to the surface when facing troubling times.


Keep amazonite on your body to:

Protect yourself against EMFs while you’re on the fly.
Maintain a sense of peace and tranquility as you move through your day.
Carry yourself with a quiet confidence and communicate fluidly.


Bring the juiciness of amazonite to your career to:

Speak with confidence and assuredness.
Be ready for that big speech or tough negotiation.
Tap into a calm leadership that inspires hope in others.


Bring amazonites medicine to your relationships to:

Quelch power struggles and end adversarial patterns.
Promote loving and intimate communication.
Heal wounds that are inhibiting the progression of the connection.


Laura Brown