Full Moon Virgo: The Sum of Our Parts


March 1st welcomes a full moon in Virgo. The Virgo energy reminds us to pay attention to where we put our focus. The Tarot card associated with this transit is the 4 of Cups meaning that we will be highly influenced by our focus, perception and attention. The energy of the 4 of cups is one of feeling forlorn. We may want something that seems out of reach or feel that we are missing out on something. In truth it's our perception that needs adjusting.

While we may find things coming to a head with this Virgo full moon that do not align with what we desire this doesn't mean that all is for naught. Our perception is likely to swing to such a perspective but this is misleading. We will need to exercise great discipline to steer ourselves not just on what might be missing (and there is medicine there, still) but also on what we have working in our favor.

Get Passionate About The Details

This transit carries with it some Lion (Leo) energy with it as well so expect to see passion playing a role in the way in which we evaluate what is transpiring for us.

Virgo is a perfectionist energy so this transit is going to highlight the details. Those tiny particles that comprise the totality of our life. We especially will see this energy playing out in our relationships. Are we happy in our relationships? Do we trust the person that we are with. Are we prepared to do the work that needs doing or is it time to throw in the towel?

If this transit happens to gloss over your relationship then this Virgo energy is going to offer up an opportunity for grounding us in the day to day of our lives. Because of the heavy influence of Aries energy this month we are encouraged with this transit to get dialed into the details of what we need to do in order to make things happen in our lives. This will play out differently for each sign but the message is the same-if nothing changes, nothing changes. We must be willing to get up and get moving. To take action towards what we want.

And of course this brings us to the very real need for clarity of vision, knowing what we want and then assessing the steps, large and small, that are required for us to get from point A (where we are) and point B (where we wish to be).

Adding to this energy is Mercury turning retrograde on March 22nd. Though it is separate from the full moon and occurs later in the month there is a correlation because of the active level of the energy of month asking us to get dialed into where our focus is needed, the steps we need to take in these areas and, with the Mercury Retrograde, what we can reassess, fine tune or do over in these areas. This transit will require flexibility, something that can feel foreign with a Virgoan energy that is often times rigid and set in its ways. At the very least know that anything taking place during this full moon will benefit from Mercury’s retrograde and the cosmic do-over it provides.

The Long Haul

Lastly this full moon has interplay with Saturn’s energy reminding us both of any limitations placed upon us with the events transpiring March 1st and the two week window thereafter, as well as the stability Saturn tries to impart. Be sure that any promises made around this time are promises you are prepared to keep, both to yourself and anyone else.

Do not offer lip service or commit to more than you are capable of handling. The tendency with Virgoan energy is to approach everything with arms stretched wide open but this is likely to leave you feeling overworked, under-appreciated and potentially resentful by months end.

The questions that should be on all our minds with this full moon in Virgo should be “what do I want and what am I willing to do about it?” This doesn't mean just simply thinking about what it would be nice to have or how nice it would feel if life were “just so” but really digging into the details of what is needed and where our attention should be. Saturn's interplay with this transit means that themes playing out during this full moon, the actions we take will have far reaching implications. Make them count.

astrologyLaura Brown