Mineral Medicine | Citrine

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Citrine is one of the most commonly known and widely available minerals on the market but also one of the most difficult to find in its genuine form. I have been working with this stone since 2002 and have only come across what would be considered “genuine” citrine 3 times. What is commonly found on the market today is amethyst which has been heat treated, bringing a yellow, golden and amber hue to the otherwise purple stone.

The process of treating this stone is believed to also alter its properties but I have found positive results/benefits from working with both the genuine stone as well as the heat treated variety. I am a believer that ultimately the charge or intent of the stone tends to have relevance when working with stone medicine but I share this information in case you should have a different approach.

Citrine is a wonderful stone to work with and one that has been a close companion with me throughout my years as a professional intuitive. Citrine is a stone known for its capacity to manifest abundance and joyful experiences. It's a powerful Solar plexus stone and instills within us the motivation and drive to take our dreams and make them happen.


The name of this yellow hued stone comes from the French work for lemon and is commonly found in Brazil, Africa, Spain, Russia, France and the US. Stones that are very, very pale yellow, almost clear are natural citrine, while those with deeper yellows, golds and amber  are heat treated.


Citrine is a very joyful stone that brings the essence of happiness to anyone working with it. This is a great stone for raising your vibration to that of joy. The color itself is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra which is the seat of our power and sense of control. This serves to amplify our ability to manifest our goals and desires, another known property of citrine. In fact citrine is often called the Merchants stone for its properties of helping to increase sales for those who own or operate their own business.


place Citrine in your home to:

Raise that vibe! Our home collects so much energy from those who live within its walls to those who visit. Its natural that arguments, stress and other common energies in the day-day life of families would collect in their living space. Citrine is a great stone to help raise the frequency of this energy that of joy and happiness! Those who operate their business from home would definitely benefit from bringing this stone in their space to bring some pretty delicious vibes to their business.

meditate with Citrine to:

Those who are feeling down or suffering from depression would greatly benefit from sitting with Citrine. Additionally those who are looking to increase their abundance, bring better business or manifest some other goal would really dig on Citrine’s energy in meditation. The more you hold this stone, visualizing your desired outcome the more you “charge” the stone with this intention.

keep Citrine on your person to:

Dealing with some difficult people at work or other gathering? Citrine is here to save the day! It will help keep that smile on your face a genuine one even while you deal with annoying co-workers. Additionally stones that you’ve meditated with and charged with your intent are wonderful to have on you to keep the intention of those goals with you all day long.

bring the juiciness of Citrine to your career to:

Manifest! What do you want? Get clear, get concise and then charge your citrine accordingly! Citrine has so many benefits that will help boost your career and bring about some much needed or perhaps just much desired prosperity and abundance your way.

bring Citrine medicine to your relationship to:

Those who have been in a long term relationship will tell you that the key to keeping things going is not so much the rush of passion and lust that you feel at the beginning. Rather its the friendship and joy you bring to one another's lives that helps you go the long haul. Citrine is just the stone to help infuse your connection with a sense of happiness, especially during those difficult times that any long term relationship will face.

Laura Brown