Mercury Retrograde Medicine


It's that time again! Mercury is heading backwards to moonwalk across the sky and that means it's time to prepare for doom and gloom and total destruction!!!!

No. Not even close.

Mercury retrograde can certainly bring some tension in the form of missed communication, tech issues, things just simply not aligning as intended and for that it can be a tough time.

But that is not the entirety of Mercury retrograde, at all!

In fact, this can be a really powerful time for gaining insight into what needs a bit re-tooling in our lives.

Now first let's examine just what Mercury retrograde means.

Does the planet of communication, technology and connection truly backpedal across the sky? No. But it does slow down, giving the appearance from our vantage point here on Earth that Mercury is moving backwards.

When it moves backwards backwards those things Mercury rules experience a bit of wonky energy.

What does Mercury Rule?

Mercury rules communication, expression and coordination. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods-so all things communication, including the technology that we use to communicate (computers, handheld devices, phones etc.) also fall under his purview.

We can find that during this time messages are lost in translation or missed entirely, akimbo somewhere in the interwebs. Our ability to coordinate-both our physical bodies and our day to day activity but also our meetings, get togethers etc. are all negatively impacted by this transit. Folks will show up late, if at all, and we will be more prone to falling, bumping into things and generally feeling a bit off balanced.

Given that this particular retrograde takes place just before the Thanksgiving holiday expect to make some room for mishaps. Ovens that break down, family members who get the time wrong, or bring the wrong dish are all potentials here. Plan ahead, and triple check those plans with all involved before hand.

Sounds Pretty Rough! What is there To Look Forward To?

Well aside from Mercury turning direct on 12/6….I kid!  There is actually is quite a bit to gain from this transit! What I would really like people to think of when they think of Mercury going retrograde is the prefix “re”. Re-do. Re-align. Re-think. Re-imagine. Re-consider. Re-peat. Re-play. Re-evaluate.

I could go on!

Think of all those things you could tap back into to learn something. What needs a dose of fresh energy and perspective? Perhaps you are feeling nervous about gathering with family members that normally grate on your last nerve this Thanksgiving? Could your perspective use a little re-thinking?

Or maybe you struggle with celebrating a holiday based on false history and the annihilation of an entire culture and need to rethink how you celebrate this holiday or if you do at all.

Maybe an old lover arrives on the scene (and trust me, it happens just about every Mercury retro, folks!) and you are re-considering the state of your relationship. Maybe you come back together and see that you’ve each grown or perhaps you simply re-visit the very same ground you already covered and re-learn why you said “see ya!” to begin with.

I could go on but I think you get my point. For every stressful encounter we can easily shift our perspective into working with this energy rather than being worked BY it. Because there is a lot that is waiting for us if we choose to see it. In fact, where you are having the most struggle or challenge is likely the very area you need to examine and ask yourself what you can learn from here.

And The Good News Is Mercury Retrograde Doesn't Last Forever!

Mercury will move direct again on 12/6 and be entirely out of its shadow period (that slow progression forward after a retrograde when some of the effects can still be felt) come 12/20-just in time for Christmas celebrations! So even if you do experience a high level of WTF this Mercury retrograde there is a period to be put at the end of this experience. Until then be patient and compassionate with those you know and interact with. We are all dealing with the energy and embracing it in our own ways. Some will do so gracefully and others will be kicking and screaming. The more we can create spaciousness, padding ourselves energetically and physically with more space and time and practice compassion in the face of tension the more we will breeze through this experience unscathed.