New Moon in Libra | A Chance For True Support


The New Moon on October 8th in the sign of Libra is an invitation for us to explore the exploding confidence and desire for external adulation that we will feel intensely during this transit.

We are on fire, lit from within, with a desire to make change happen, to share our message with the world and we feel completely confident in our abilities.

Sometimes too confident, if we are not careful.

See, this transit will bring out the doers, those who suddenly shake off years of impostor syndrome as well as the narcissists who just want to bask in the spotlight and feed off your attention.

For those on the light side of this transit it will be an opportunity for building community based on authentic expression and support. Our voice can be heard by many which means we want to make sure the message we are sending is lead from a place of integrity. This grants us the opportunity to shed artifice. To shed what no longer serves us in a way that feels both freeing and protective. Protective in the sense that we no longer wish to muddle the image of ourselves by molding our image on what we think others will approve of. Instead we want to gain approval and support of those who see us for us.

For those who fall on the dark side of this transit it will be a greedily and hungry race to do and say whatever we think will get us the most attention. The danger being that we could mistake attention for approval. Or attention for support. I can give you my attention because you say or do something totally out of left field or ‘loud’ but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily get my support.  

Or my trust.  

Because those who do things simply to get attention do not always necessarily say or do things reflective of who they really are. And that which springs from an inauthentic place will easily be spotted and it will erode trust.

So, this transit boils down to a shedding phase: letting the skin of old, the skin of someone else, the parts of you that no longer or never did quite serve fall away.

And then a revealing. A glimpse, perhaps for the first or the first in a long time.

And from this place of revealing we find our voice. That part of us that has something to offer this world and the confidence needed to share it.

Laura Brown