Meditation: The Gateway Drug

I have to level with you. I feel I have to be totally honest about this right out of the gate because, integrity and all.

I used to hate meditation.
I used to tell myself it was not needed.
I didn’t have time for something so useless as meditation.
I couldn’t meditation even if I wanted to.
I just had too active a brain.
And frankly no damn desire to sit still with my breath.

These were the things I told myself. The story that I built and thus the reality that I lived for a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I still could do my work. I was still able to offer readings and coaching. I still held space for growth and manifesting with my clients. I took care of my kids, my house and my marriage. But I was pretty burnt out, if I’m honest. I was tense. I had more instances than I could count where I was snapping at my kids or husband and I was getting to the point where every session I did drained me unlike it had before.

And when I was pregnant with my youngest (and last, this mama is done producing, m’loves!) daughter I had a shift. I suddenly craved meditation like some women crave peanut butter and pickles. I spent at least 30 minutes twice a day in meditation and let me say, it proved my silly former narrative absolutely wrong.

Turns out I could meditation, I had the time, my overactive brain learned to calm the fuck down and I had all the desire in the world to sit still with my breath.

On top of that I found that I was a calmer, more relaxed, more luminous (as in glowing, literally glowing radiance) and more intuitive woman.


Internal Health • Meditation helped me to feel good at a time when my body was undergoing massive changes. It helped me to find a way of connecting with my baby in an entirely new way. Intuitively it was like connecting into her essence as she developed within me.
Additionally, my blood pressure, weight and overall state of health were optimal. This was fantastic for me as a pregnant woman but the impact is one that enriches our health at all stages of this human journey.

Physical Health • My skin glowed and not just that “you’re pregnant” glow. I know this because frankly pregnancy never did my skin any favors and secondly the glow has lasted long after pregnancy. Meditation brings prana into the body allowing the body to calm and repair itself. In fact, meditation and the additional oxygen, it brings to the body helps to improve cellular health keeping us vital and youthful.

Emotionally Oriented • Meditation calms the body and the mind, helping to reduce stress and the fixation upon “negative”, or stress causing emotions. I noticed immediately that my patience and capacity to bend with the winds of my life improved drastically. This cannot be underscored when you consider the stresses of being a work from home mom of three (two at the time I began my meditation routine) kids. The truth is, however, we all wear many hats and could use a little more emotional centeredness in our life.

Intuition & Manifesting • Meditation as a form of relaxation has many amazing and scientifically backed therapeutic benefits but on a spiritual level it holds even more promise, in my opinion. As an inherently extra sensitive human I have long worked with my intuition for my work and in my everyday life. After only 3 weeks of meditating consistently twice a day I noticed that my readings were more detailed, specific and compassionately grounded than they had been previous. Additionally, working in alpha and theta level is the perfect portal for manifesting and tapping into our generative essence.

Now, 3 years into my consistent meditation routine I can tell a different narrative: meditation may be the single best decision I’ve made for my health. Rivaled only by quitting drinking.

I wish you a week filled with love, laughter and lots of cosmic bad-assery.