Tarotscopes: How to Understand and Use Them

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Everyone interprets Tarotscopes differently but the insight that you gain is a personal experience and invaluable tool. How you work with this insight can shape the life you lead by informing your actions and perceptions to the events that take place around you. Tarotscopes help to empower you with knowledge of the energy you will face in your day, week month and year. 

How Tarotscopes are done

My process for creating Tarotscopes is quite simple: I focus on each sign while shuffling my cards and ask for guidance for the sign I am focusing on. I offer monthly Tarotscopes which provide each sign with insight into the energies they will encounter for the coming month. 


When it comes to interpreting the specific cards, there are as many possibilities as there are readers. Some readers prefer to type out the standard explanation of the card taken from the pamphlet that comes with most Tarot decks which we Tarot readers call "the little white book".  This can be a very basic but also very straight forward interpretation. 

Other readers, such as myself, interpret the cards through the intuitive relationship formed through many years of working with the cards. Longevity tends to breed an intimate and very unique relationship to the cards which informs the perception of the cards meaning beyond the common definition. 

You get different types of insight depending upon how the reader interprets the cards. Typically, intuitive interpretations offer richer depth and deeper insight bred from the readers close relationship with the cards which is honed over many years of intense and faithful study and practice.

Readings and using the insight

To gain deeper insight it’s important to know both your Sun, Moon and Rising sign so that you can read the Tarotscopes for all three. Additionally, if you were born between 7-10 days of a signs transition to the next sign you will want to read the sign after yours as well. Reading each of these scopes provides deeper color and richer depth to understanding the energies at play and the events which will unfold around you.

How often you receive Tarotscopes is ultimately up to you. I offer monthly personalized Tarotscopes which you can subscribe to as well as general Tarotscopes which are posted the first week of the month on the blog and in my newsletter. Additionally you can receive daily readings by catching my Instagram Tarotscopes. Other readers offer only weekly sun sign Tarotscopes. 

How often you receive a Tarotscopes ultimately depends on how much you wish to know about the energies at play on any given day, week or month. It also depends on how often you can absorb and use this insight delivered. On a personalized level you may choose to stick with a monthly or weekly Tarotscope so there is plenty of breathing room for you to organically flow through your month. Sometimes having too much information can inadvertently hinder freewill and alter the way in which you interact in the day to day of you life. 

There are no hard and fast rules, however, when it comes to working with Tarotscopes. What’s most important to is to seek that which resonates most with you. The guidance you receive from these horoscopes with Tarot are an invaluable tool that helps to illuminate the path before you, so you can confidently approach each moment with empowerment and understanding. 



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