A necessary component being an Intuitive counselor is grounding. And let me tell you I was a reluctant student of this practice. I would go from reading to reading, IA session to IM session, ritual to ritual, on and on and back again over and over again with out any real attention paid to energetic integrity. 

Here is what not grounding myself between sessions caused:

Mood swings
Drained energy
Misdirected symptoms & emotions
Convoluted readings

This is just to name a few. And hunty I was hurting! And worse yet I didn't even know why. I didn't really pay attention to something like grounding because it just didn't seem necessary. It wasn't until my teacher, Laurie Cabot explained how it was like flying through the air without a parachute that I sort of connected the dots to understand how unrooted and thus unstable my practice way. 

Grounding is simply the act of connecting with the Earth and her energy while we ascend into the upper chakras and liminal space. It keeps us rooted in this moment, this body even as we enter another dimension of being. The good news is that it doesn't take fancy tools or long drawn out process. It can take as little or as much time as you wish to devote to the practice. Some days if I am on the fly and noticing that I am becoming ungrounded I can simply speak or think my intention to have my Earth cord travel deep into Mama Earth. 

Other times when I have a bit more energy to devote I will sit at my space and envision a cord traveling from my tailbone deep into Mama Earth, connecting with her energy. I envision my cord plugging into this energy much like a plug goes into the wall. If I feel distracted or heavy I first visualize my cord expanding to allow all that needs to be released to drain down me and into this cord to be recycles, renewed and repurposed by Mama Earth. Then I will visualize Earth energy traveling up my cord and through each of my Chakras and Soul Centers starting from the bottom upward. Once the Earth energy reaches my Soul Star Chakra I see another beacon of light traveling from above and going down through my Crown Chakra all the way through to my Earth Star Chakra. From there I see this energy then circling around me, creating a microcosmic obrit around me. 

Its a wild way of interacting with the energies and also helps with clearing and balancing both lines, one of intention and one of manifestation within the energetic body. You feel energized, electrified and completely grounded for whatever the rest of your day holds. 



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