Virgo New Moon-Heal Thy Self


Welcome to your New Moon portal-taking place in Virgo and opening doors for deep healing and progression towards your most treasured goals. This is the time for gathering your reserves. For taking stock. For looking around and asking “what am I doing? Where am I going?”

Then it’s time to assess the details. The tiny parts of the whole that most overlook. These tiny details that grow into the big actions we take in our lives. Virgo is the consummate perfectionist-the task oriented doer of the zodiac. This means that we benefit from this energy as we mine the life we’ve built and figure out how to get from point A to point B.

And our health while we are going there is going to be of concern as well. Our wounds internally as well as the image we present externally are going to be part of our focus. We examine the habits that govern our lives. What do they have to say about who we are? Do they match the person we desire to be? Do we treat our bodies like the temples they are or do we treat it more like a garbage disposal? What changes do we need to make to show a greater respect for our bodies?

It’s not about having the perfect body or being some unreachable and potentially unhealthy version of skinny but doing what OUR bodies need to run optimally and what’s good for me is likely going to be different than what is good for you. And that’s cool, because this is not about cookie cutting our way through this shit. It’s about listening, deeply to the story within.

Listening to our wounds. Hearing the story they are still telling and soothing them like we would a scared child. Listening to the cries from our bodies. Do we need to slow down or speed things up? Do we need more or less of something?

Listening to our creativity and the dreams she spins. Knowing that if we can think it then we certainly can accomplish it.

This New Moon opens a two-week surge or energy that can bring some decent expansion and growth if we listen with intention. If we listen without the self-doubt or insecurity that our wounds sometimes give rise to. If we simply believe that we are worthy of growth. That there is more to us.

That we are capable of accomplishing more or not. That we are capable of expansion or not.

See its ultimately up to us but in order to know if we want to accomplish more, become more, do more, we have to know ourselves more.

This means a careful examination of what litters the internal landscape and how it’s been polluting the external landscape.

It means getting our hands dirty and facing shit we’ve turned away from and step into the pain. Into the regret. Into the shame. That we allow our wounds to tell us their story and then decide whether that is the story we want to continue to tell.

Because in the end its about healing. It’s about knowing that to even simply enjoy where we are right here, right now, we must heal anything which spoils the landscape. That weighs heavy on hearts, even when we ignore it (and perhaps more so when we do).

It’s about having deeper gratitude and presence in this moment so that with that presence and gratitude we can decide what, if anything, we desire to do next.


New Moon Ritual

With this New Moon taking place just days before the Equinox it’s a good time to really tap into the energy of your life at present.

Take some time to contemplate your life. What seems to be a reoccurring challenge as of late? What obstacles seem immovable? What habits and patterns are holding you back or just dragging you down? What wounds of the past have surfaced again? Chiron is dancing with the Virgo New Moon which means that things we’ve thought reconciled and healed are likely to come up again for us. To remind us of something. To encourage deeper healing or to simply provide a new perspective on an old issue.

When surveying think not just of the active components (things you do) but also the more inactive, but no doubt equally as powerful (things you think/believe).

Make a list and feel free to get really specific-the more detail the better but this doesn’t have to be a tomb. You do what resonates with you.

Once your list is complete think about what you need to do in order to change these things. What do you need to do to heal wounds that have risen? What changes do you need to make to your perception? Where is forgiveness needed?

Perhaps your list is quite long and so it requires that you prioritize so that the top 3 wounds/obstacles are at the top of the list and work on the remainder separately. It’s up to you. This can be as simplistic or involved as you wish it. What do you feel called towards?

You want to think of new beliefs, new patterns, new behaviors, new perceptions and new beginnings.

For example, I am focusing on the way my body has felt more sluggish and slow after a busy few weeks of not eating very healthy and having no time to get into the gym. So, I am creating a new pattern that centers around my eating habits and work/life balance so that I can find the time to make my health a priority even when things are busy and hectic (which as a mom of three, wife and business owner, life is always hectic!!!!!)

Tailor this as you wish. As I teach in Witch Wisdom it’s not about taking what others have done or suggest, ritually speaking, and absorbing it all as they did it but adding your own personal magick.

Once you are ready set up your sacred space. Have items that represent your goals. A candle color perhaps that matches your intention. Some incense that reinforces your will or helps remove obstacles would be a great idea too. Or you can simply gather your two lists.

You will need a fireproof container which is big enough to hold your paper folded and a lighter or matches.

Spend some time thinking over your list of obstacles/challenges/wounds. Think of the things that have held you back and dialogue with them. What did those things have to teach you? How did they change your life? What lesson did they contain? Do you feel resistance to letting them go? If so explore that a bit. What is there, at the center, when you peel back the layers. It’s all medicine so follow this journey as it unfurls for you.

Once you’ve gone through your process state your intention. What are you letting go of? And what are you filling in that space? In other words what is the habit you are breaking, wound you are healing and what are you replacing it with?

Once you’ve said these intentions aloud take your list of challenges/obstacles/wounds and fold the piece of paper. Because you are releasing these things you fold the paper away from you and turn counter clockwise and fold away from you again and do this for a total of three times. Once done you can either set the paper aflame with the candle you have or if you did not use a candle you can use your lighter or matches.

Whenever you are working with the element of fire great care and respect is called for. Be sure that your fireproof container is large enough to hold your paper when folded, that its in a safe and stable place away from any dried organic matter or little, curious fingers and have some water on hand in case its needed.

Once the ashes are cooled you can release them to the wind. I would suggest releasing where there is a wind from the north (for endurance and courage to step into the new) or the west (for success).

Now it’s time to get to work-to put your new habits into place. You’ve laid the energetic ground work to suppor the physical steps you take but should you take no action to integrate these new habits/patterns/healing into place then your chances of success with the changes drops to nil.

You have the support of the Universe at your back and Virgo is right beside you to inject your energy with exactly what it needs to make these changes. Know that any steps you take now, no matter how small will have a might roar.


New Moon Medicine Bath

Gather blessed thistle, oats, roses, angelica and lavender (or herbs that you typically associate with your specific ritual or with the New Moon) and place them either directly into a tub filled with warm (to your desires) water or place in a cheese cloth and knot (to keep it nice and clean and easy when your bath is complete). Allow the water to coax the medicine of the herbs out and add a labradorite stone to the water.

Disrobe and enter the water. Take a vessel or your hands and pour the water over your head. The first-time state aloud, “to reveal”. The second time- state aloud “to heal”. The third time- say aloud “to renew”.

Lay down and allow the oils and stone medicine to infuse with your energy. When complete get out of the water, dry off and reserve a cup of the bath water to commit to earth whilst draining the rest.

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