Totems//Raven Medicine

Raven Medicine

Opening to The Great Mystery...

Totems//Ravens are from the corvid family and are among the smartest of all birds. They can mimic sounds they hear and “communicate” with humans who they have connected with all though they are far less sociable than their corvid relative the Crow. Some paths mistook the Raven as a trickster because of its high level of intelligence and adaptability. Ravens remind us to infuse our experience on this plane with curiosity and adventure. To work with the Raven is an opportunity to tap into your inner magick and delve into the Great Mystery. 

Journeying with the Raven is an introduction into walking between worlds. They carry the medicine of magick and encourage us into the void-to embrace rather than fear the darkness. As much as this totem imparts an element of mystery the Raven is also known for being quite playful. Working with the Raven can help us to transform our situation with the tools at hand and in a way which brings joy back to our experience.

I work with the Raven as I embark upon shadow work, something which has been a massive part of my spiritual self care in 2017. This has been a year of radical shifts and integration for me as I shed skin that no longer served and worked towards loving my being in its totality. It has not been an easy ride, in fact at times its felt a bit like descending into madness. But confronting ourselves in full, the light and the dark, is meant to feel a bit like an unraveling. We are unraveling the story of who we were so that we can become who we are meant to be. 

Interested in your own shadow work? I strongly recommend that you get coached. If you would like more information on my program The Cauldron and to work with me one-on-one you can do so here.