Burning It All Down-Jupiter in Scorpio


On October 10th Jupiter is going to sashay into Scorpio for the first time since 2006. This is launching each of our signs into a massive period of transformation, opportunity and growth.

Each of us will experience the next 13 months (the duration that Jupiter will be expanding into Scorpio) in a different way but the impact will be significant for us all.

The last time that Jupiter was in Scorpio I went through a period that was easily one of the most difficult times I’ve faced but also turned out to be one of the best and most important periods as well.

At the time, my husband and I were just boyfriend and girlfriend, living 1300 miles apart (he in Colorado, me in our home state of Michigan) and doing the on-again, off-again dance like it was our job. See, we had some complications and one of those was that I came as a package-I had a young son and Justin was nervous to not just open to a live-in girlfriend but also become step dad to boot.

I get it now, but at the time I was mad as hell and I was not playing anymore games. I told him to shit or get off the pot and when he wassled some more I hit end on the call and decided I was done.

Then shit got real…

See nothing tends to motivate a man more than feeling he is going to lose what he holds dear and while nervous as hell to change his life in the way he knew he would have to, he knew losing me was scarier.

So, he hopped on a plane with a ring in tow and arrived at my doorstep to have us come back to Colorado with him.

I was floored but the luster soon faded as my son’s father interjected (I mentioned before I have had a colorful life, right?) with his particular brand of crazy and the long story short was that Justin returned to Colorado sans me and my son.

I looked around, devastated. Heartbroken doesn’t even really begin to convey what I felt, and now I was completely without a plan. My lease was up on the apartment I had been renting and I knew that I was done sitting around Michigan twiddling my thumbs and doing what every other generation of my family had done.

Which was to stay in Michigan and slowly become part of the landscape. Permeant fixtures of a place that no longer felt like home, at least to me.

So, I packed our bags into a U-Haul and threw my car up on a dolly and decided it was time to move to Salem Mass. It was a place I had always wanted to live and I had nothing to lose at this point...

... so why not?

I didn’t even have a place to live. I was calling my girlfriend who lived in Vegas asking for her to find me a place. She was the best and scoured Craigslist and found several, honing in on one and called them for me. She arranged for me to see the place the night I arrived in town.

I walked in the door of the two floor condo on Hazel street, took a look around and knew it was perfect. It had a beautiful deck off the back, a yard for my son to play in, an octagon living room and an office with a giant open kitchen.  I miss that place to this day.

Within an hour I had signed on the dotted line and was pulling a few essentials out of the back of the truck for us to sleep that night. Our first night in our new home, in a new state. Despite my breaking heart I was in my element.

Over the next two years I would immerse myself in Salem. I took classes with Laurie Cabot and completed her certification in the Cabot Tradition. I made friends with local witches and learned a lot about the Witchy politics that ran the town. My son and I walked in the Haunted Happenings parade which kicked off the most amazing Halloween we had ever experienced and explored the many ocean shores in ours and surrounding areas. We walked historic landmarks in Boston and ate in gorgeous garden verandas lining the ancient streets.

It was bliss.

But I was forced on many levels to confront who I was. What motivated me to do what I did at the time. I was made to come nose to nose with my shadow in order to build the life I wanted. And I did build it, even while nursing a broken heart. My business welcomed the largest growth it had at that time so I was feeling the love of clients and the security of abundance. My son was acclimating to a new school and our new life together. My home was decorated with intention and beautifully represented who I was and what I was about. It was everything I wanted and more.

It was also the first time I had built my own home without a partner at my side. I and my son turned a house into a home. 

Now eventually I did relocate to Colorado and move in and eventually marry my hunk of a husband and wouldn’t trade anything for the world. And even though I had wanted to move to Colorado with Justin way back in ’06 it was clear I was meant to go to Salem.

I was meant to face the challenges, the pain, the heartbreak and the bliss. It made me who I am. It made me a better woman, a better mama, a better reader and guide to my clients. A better Witch and a better friend. And ultimately it also made me a better wife down the road. It also serves as a reminder that when I feel the pressure there isn't a damn thing I cannot accomplish but more on that in another post...

So, this gives you an idea of how impactful Jupiter in Scorpio can be and knowing where this transit is impacting your life can help you to work with the energy. To expand in the direction, you are meant to and to empower yourself as you face your own personal rebirth. Because this transit is no joke. It is bringing massive change to the doorstep of each and every one of us and how we interact with this change determines whether its going to be a positive one or a negative one.

Even the challenges we face are going to hold massive amounts of medicine and opportunity and knowing where to lean into this is so incredibly important.

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Laura Brown