Energetic Housekeeping ~4 Steps For Energetic Healthy Homes~


Energy is like dust-if you allow it, it will settle on every surface and soon take over your house. And if the energy is good that is wonderful.

But let’s be honest, the energy isn’t always good.

We are not always in a good mood. Families have disagreements. People get sick. Challenges arise and stress rises with them.Sometimes we are in an enormously shitty mood and guess what? All of this brings energy with it.

For me the energetic health of my home is a top concern. I work from home, reading for numerous people every day and inviting their energy into this space. I do ritual work for myself and clients and draw in energy from that.

I have 3 kids, including a nearly 16-year-old teenage boy who sometimes carries energy around him much like the dust cloud following Pig Pen in Charlie Brown.

My husband works in an office all day long around 250 some employees and brings home all sorts of energy from that.

So, trust me, energy is a concern that I cannot ignore. When I do my rituals fall flat. I feel lethargic. My home doesn’t radiate peace and possibility like it does when I take the time to add some magic to my housecleaning.

But even if you don’t have all of that going on the energetic health of your space is important. Whether you are trying to create a work of art, manifest a long sought-after goal or simply feel at peace and safe in your home the energy of your space impacts all of that.

Here is my 4 step process for maintaining the energetic health of my home.

1.     Clean

I know it’s not the most the fun but it can be if you make it sacred. Each Monday after I get the kids fed and off to school and have my coffee I grab my broom, my vacuum and I get to work. I chant while I am sweeping towards the front door (to send negative energy out) “negativity go away, negativity cannot stay”. I do this while I sweep and when I vacuum. It’s simple and to the point and works for me but feel free to get creative and make up your own.

I visualize as I am going around the house sweeping/vacuuming that I am gathering all the funky, dark energy that has invaded the space in the last 7 days and see it on its way out the door.

I dare you to do this and not feel the difference that this alone makes. Do the same as you wipe the shelves, countertops and other surfaces of your home. See yourself gathering all that is heavy or potentially toxic and shooing it out of your space.

2.     Declutter

I guess this is part of cleaning but let’s be honest a lot of us see some clutter as something to be cleaned around rather than something to get rid of. The truth is the more shit we have the more our energy must travel to cover these items. Whether its oodles of trinkets, closets overflowing with clothing you haven’t worn, magazines from the last 3 years or kid’s pictures lining every surface of your home-ultimately your energy has to travel to cover all of these things and it creates lots of pockets where energy can dwell and coagulate.

When I started to get rid of a lot of crap I had lining all my shelves and pretty much any flat surface in my home I noticed a change in my personal energy but also the energy of my home.

After all, if my energy is stretched thin trying to cover all that is around me that leaves precious left for what I intentionally wish to direct it towards. I was tired constantly, my work was not as vibrant and even my skin was sallow and dull. We hardly consider how far and wide our energy is stretched around our belongings but you will notice a stark difference when you begin to declutter and deadwood that which is not really necessary.

3.     Use a floor wash

I admit that I was quite late to the floor wash game but it has changed the energy of my home for the better since getting on board. I have a spray bottle filled with Van Van water which I make by simmering a particular blend of herbs in water and storing. I spray my floors and mop like crazy-again chanting if I feel like it or simply visualizing the energy changing before me.

I like Van Van as it is sort of a catch all energetically. I use it for cleansing and warding evil energies but also for attracting that which I want. I do this combo because when you make space, when you create a void you want to have intention with what you want filling said void.

So, I may chant something along it cleansing my home but also inviting in love, peace, prosperity or whatever I feel that my home needs more of that week.

Florida Water is another floor wash that is wonderful for the home and if you or your family/roommates have been going through hard times or faced some challenges of late a blend for uncrossing or banishing would be good too.

4.     Sage, Sound, Seal

Once this is done and my house is looking pretty sparkly I walk around the home burning sage. Sage is a wonderful means of cleansing the energy but it’s also a major antiseptic which kills 94% of harmful bacterial for up to 24 hours. When you have small kids in the house who bring home oodles of germs from school each day this is a great way of keeping the family healthy.

Once this is completed I will take that same stroll through my house with my singing bowl attuned to the heart chakra. Sound bathing my home in this way elevates the energy left behind or that I intentionally called forth while doing my floor wash and makes the place hum with a beautiful energy.

Finally, I seal the practice. Usually I will lay the youngest down for a nap and set up a space in the middle of my home for meditation and visualizing the energy I’ve called in settling into every surface, every piece of furniture. I may call upon a planet, Goddess or God (or whomever you work your magic with is just fine, too) to seal the work I’ve done.


Now before you tell me about how little time you have for such a process let me say it takes maybe an hour to do and I have a home with 4 bedrooms, three whole baths, a living room and a great room, an office and a basement. It seems as though when you begin the process that time really goes expand.

But regardless of how fast or slow the process takes (and as a mama, business owner and wife, I get it, time is sparse) the benefits, for my family and I am willing to bet for yours too, are far too great to skip. I encourage you to add a bit more magic to your house cleaning and let me know what you experience!