January Intuitive Medicine

January is a portal that can feel a bit discombobulated for many. Most of begin the new year with a flurry of intentions and so called “resolutions” that require great change, activity and momentum. These qualities are often diminished during this time of year when the energy calls for a slower pace, a more reflective pace. One which assesses and contemplates as opposed to actively build. When we take this into consideration it’s no great mystery why so many of us abandon our resolutions just a few weeks into the new year. While positive change is a wonderful thing we also must honor the cycle of the Earth and her rhythms. We must learn to dance within her tide and swell and shrink accordingly so that we can move with the universal support of Mama Earth and her energy rather than against.

January 5th, we welcome the waxing moon which falls on a Thursday. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter which governs expansion, propensity, generosity and luck. This is a wonderful time to assess what you wish to manifest in the new year and what must be done in order to do so. This is a great time to begin writing out your affirmations and planning a small ritual to connect you to the essence of that which you wish to bring forth in your life.

On Thursday, January 12th we have the first Full Moon of the new year in Cancer. This Cancer energy can leave us feeling raw, exposed and as though an emotional tide is rushing through us. This Full Moon begs for us to be our own lover. To tend to our emotional needs. To bathe ourselves in nurturing energy so that we can explore what our emotions have to share. In what ways have we hid our light? How have we diminished what our heart tries to tell us?

On January 27th, we welcome the first New Moon of the new year taking place in Aquarius. This transit opens the door for us to explore our wild side. To get in touch with our most authentic self and to examine in what ways we have hid our true nature out of fear or conditioning. It’s time to see that this is a year when only when we are our most authentic, the most aligned with our true self, do we see fluidity and flow within our lives.

2017 is a “1” year numerologically and a “10” year in relation to the Tarot, making 2017 the year of the Wheel of Fortune. Each of these numbers relates to one another as they both signify that our lives are in perpetual motion. That we are never stuck but that the wheel is always in motion. For many 2016 proved to be a year that brought tension and challenge. Though it may have been difficult at times the truth is all the tension and friction was to make us stronger, evolved and enlightened. So, that when we ended this year we did without the limitation of old wounds and outdated patterns that held us in place and brought toxic patterns to our lives. Instead we were able free ourselves, to remove the weight of these patterns. The lighter we are the higher we can soar in the new year.

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It’s time to take things deeper; exploring the energy of the month for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These readings are an alchemy of intuitive channelings, astrology, and energetic imprint. To gain a truly vivid picture of your month ahead read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. If you happen to fall within 7-10 days of a change in signs, then you will want to read the one after your Sun sign as well (what is called your cusp sign).


This month you walk an unfamiliar path. One unique and divinely personal to you. But rather than stumble and fall with each step you walk with unending confidence. You face each day aware that you are in control of the direction takes. You know that you are not selfish to go after your dreams. You know that as the creator of your own life you must actively work to manifest your ideal life. Just as powerful as the outward pursuit of your dreams you actively dive deep into exploring your inner terrain. You explore the fertile ground within so that you may craft a life reflective of the worth and respect you hold for yourself. This is a month of new beginnings for many, but especially for you. You walk each day with confidence. You dance with the tides of your days as though it’s been choreographed and practiced for months. And in many ways, it has. All that you encountered throughout 2016 was the practice. Every change the choreography. You have now before you the stage from which you proudly display your purpose.


The womb is a powerful vessel within which life is created, from which an earthly container births a cosmic force. This month you are that womb-within anything you nurture comes to be. The question becomes what is it that you wish to nurture? What do you desire to see take root in your life that will bring greater purpose and meaning? Where can you nurture acceptance, and forgive transgression so that you can release and make room. Room for love. Room for soulful connection with those around you. Room for divine support that nurtures our ability to create within our lives. The support that allows us to greet each moment with clarity of vision and pure heart? The cosmic womb is aching to conceive magic in your life but you must be willing to face where you have been, weed out what no longer serves and form a clear vision of what you desire. You must search for meaning within the vision before you so that you know the picture before you reflect your highest good. This is not about meaningless manifesting but rather filling our lives with what will truly make the ground beneath our feet stronger. Reinforced. Resilient and radiant, always.


All that you are, all that you have been, all that you have taken within and learned is bred from the choices you have made. We are impacted by the choices we make as well as the choices others make and their impact upon us making surrounding my those who we feel make sound decisions even more relevant this month. Choice is a tricky and very powerful force within our lives. We sometimes even become tricked into feeling that we have no choice and yet even that belief is a choice. We make a thousand choices before we close our eyes each evening and it’s an unavoidable and necessary part of life, even when we make the choice to hand the power of choice to another to decide for us. Within choice is great power. The power to strengthen our foundation and the power to weaken it. The power to take us places or to set us back. Choice determines our direction and where our life will go. What choices have you been making, Gemini? What choices have resulted in positive changes and which are choices you would prefer to never make again? Pay attention to the power choice plays within your life, especially at this very auspicious time of year when the slate is clear and upon which our choices will begin to paint the landscape of our life.


There may be a conflict this month between what is believed and what is real. There is a need for deep honesty and bravery to let go of any self-deception that is being used as a shield to hide and protect yourself from a painful truth. The ugly truth you may be hiding from is certainly one you can choose to try to hide from but the fact is its influence will still create dissonance within our life and actively work in a destructive manner. It will give rise to conflicted thoughts, continued avoidance and self-sabotage that unravels the very fabric your being. It will create a reality of separation from those around you which are there to be your support, your mirror. It’s time to face yourself. To specifically face the parts of yourself you have hidden from. Embrace these parts, love them. Nurture them, hold them and see them as parts of you that served you in some way, at some time. And though that time may have passed when we show gratitude for the ugliest parts of ourselves we create the spaciousness for these qualities to simply fall away. Making facing and releasing such an effortless task it’s as automatic as breathing. So, breathe. Face yourself and honor all parts of your path, your being, your experience.


This month you explore how a positive outlook that shows appreciation and gratitude can influence your life and environment for the better. When you consciously choose to honor what you have, to take pride in all that you do and appreciate all that fills your life you raise your vibration and open yourself to more, more experiences and people that will bring with them happiness and joy. Approach life with fun in your heart and joy in your being. Even in the face of challenge there is still something we can find joy in. There is still something to be happy about and show appreciation for. If you are unhappy staying the same will not make you happy-so understand that you must consciously choose a higher road. You must actively seek joy and gratitude within so that you can radiate outwards. Open yourself to the watery tide of the emotional experience of joy and gratitude and allow it wash away the bitterness, cynicism, conflict and challenge that has held us back. Because this year gratitude will lead your vessel and joy what makes it flow.


This month’s your arms are raised in victorious celebration. Celebration of the self, celebration of achievement. Celebration of the life that you have. You stand tall and confident and feel the swell of joy and glee that comes when we are about to embark on a most sacred journey that you’ve longed for. You turn and greet the future with a hopeful and confident heart. This energy is a positive affirmation that you start the year with a rather joyous outcome-a reward for all the hard work you have put into something within your life. It heralds a time when you can pause to celebrate and enjoy what you have achieved. To honor the hard work, to honor the journey, to appreciate and show gratitude for the results. These moments of celebration and joy are important to remember as they fuel us forward. They remind us that even when we are so far from our goal that we cannot imagine when it will be before us to keep going. To keep striving because in the end every moment will suddenly be more than worth the radiance that fills your being when everything comes together.


Where in your life do you need assistance? What parts of your life could benefit from another’s perspective? This month the energy indicates that you may face a situation or a change you desire to make and lack the skills to go through it alone. This can be hard for many of us-to accept that we may need help from another. But we are a village, a community. It’s when we work together, in the spirit of service and support that we all rise. You are not weak to realize you may need to receive the guidance of another. In fact, it shows great strength to know your limitations. Stand tall this month, knowing that you are not only showing community in action by calling upon someone to assist you with something in life, but you are also giving permission for others to do the same for themselves. Building an even stronger community.


This month represents a focus on partnerships and alignment with those who share your goals, your visions. This month it’s all about teamwork and working together in a harmonious way so that a creative vision becomes reality. Seek those out who are in alignment with where you stand today. Understand that to do this you must know yourself-to have an awareness of what you need in this moment. This allows you to gravitate towards and bring forward individuals who are in alignment with your current station. Understand that when you surround yourself with good people, good things happen. Allow the flow of a mutual combined frequency to open channels for power and possibility in your life. To be able to build something of service for the self and the world. To show the power of community and give permission for others to join hands with others. This month, two or more heads are far better than one.


You walk the path of service this month and surrender to a higher purpose than simply your own personal pursuits. You know that there are times when we can practice a bit of sacred selfishness and a time when we must put aside our own desires to walk a path that lends to the greater good. With this comes great power. Great influence to affect change that will ripple across your family-your community. It can sometimes be a lonely road-to do for others when so many walk only their own path with their own intentions in mind. But with this influence comes power. The power to bring happiness and support to those who may need it more than ever. Know that even while you may feel you are giving more than you are getting that there is something spiritually profound and soul satisfyingly enriching when we show up in service to others.


Taking control of our life can be a daunting task. We may feel we lack the skills necessary or that we simply have no idea where to start. This month, however, the energy favors order, responsibility and accountability. While they are not the flashiest or the most romantic of terms they are exactly the medicine needed to begin to really bring order to our life. Because we are own advocates. Our very life, a reflection of our internal state. This month whether it’s a total life overhaul or simply something you wish to bring to life in your world-there is a need to take charge. To have discipline. To fulfill your obligations and take decisive action. The flavor of this energy is very masculine and for some may take some adjustment. It’s important to flow with what it brings to the surface for you so that you can work with this energy to bring the pieces of the puzzle together. This is a very important, foundational month-the tone of which takes you into the remainder of 2017. Allow this masculine energy to guide, instruct and inspire confidence within.


Slow and steady wins the race this month. The energy does not favor bold or rushed movement for you, Aquarius. You must embrace each step. To honor each movement from the smallest to the boldest. All that you desire-all that you have worked for and asked for is close at hand but you must allow progress to unfold as it is meant to. We can sometimes grow weary and impatient as we near the completion or attainment of something we have strived for. We want it, and we want it right now! We have worked so hard and are ready to see the results of all we have poured our heart and soul into. Impatience in the final steps can lead to hasty decisions. Decisions which threaten the stability all that you have built. The key is to reflect on how far you have come. When you first began you likely couldn’t wait to get to where you are now so honor this progress and now settle into the journey. The pace is soon to quicken so rest and recharge your spirit so you can continue forward with the same dedication and determination that got you to this very moment.


This month represents a singular moment of revelation and illumination. When your mind opens and immediately you understand the extent of the power the choices we make hold over our lives. Suddenly you will open your eyes to see the potential that surrounds you. You will see how decisions made by you and those made by those around you have shaped and influenced your world, bringing you to this very moment. In so doing you will understand how every choice you make in the present will shape the future. It’s in this moment of illumination that your perception changes in a flash and so with it your life. You will find that your medicine this month is mindfulness and awareness. From this month onwards choose to take responsibility for what is allowed to influence you. The people who surround you. The thoughts that run through your mind. The beliefs you hold to heart. By taking accountability for the totality of your life you reclaim all your power. You take charge of your life and you step into your personal power-knowing that you and only you control your life.

I wish you all an abundant, joyful and most radiant New Year!

Laura Brown