In Full Disclosure

I think in the essence of getting to know one another on a deeper level it’s important to let the cat out of the bag. I will never be one of those coaches/spiritualists/healers who refuses to take a stance on important topics. I happen to have strong opinions and think that as a woman guiding other women, owning those opinions and standing in the power of my voice is exactly what we need.

We need helpers, mentors, healers, leaders, radical men and women willing to walk in their truth and not hide behind “I’d rather not say” or “no one wants to hear about my political beliefs” because I DO want to hear them. Even if I disagree, I would rather we not agree and witness you standing in your truth than hear another person shy away from taking a stand because they are more concerned about gaining a client or three! Because integrity. I want to live and see others living with integrity, especially coaches and those who guide in any way. Because ultimately that is what separates a great coach from a mediocre one. Anyone can talk a good game but if we hide ourselves how can we ask our clients to boldly stand in their authenticity, even when it’s difficult to do so? The answer is we can’t.

I also feel it important to serve as an example and perhaps in doing so, give permission for other women to own their opinions. To own their feelings. To honor their truth. Just as I must own mine. Because frankly I see things that make me scared. That make me pissed AF. And because I happen to have what seems to be a revolutionary belief these days that anger is ok I am not going to shy away from expressing my anger appropriately as I stand for what I believe in. Because it’s not emotions that are inherently bad but our attempt to deny or ignore them which causes us trouble.

Anger, sadness in the face of tragedy (and paying attention to what is happening because there is an entire lot of folks who think watching/reading the news is somehow a bad thing), social activism-believing that as humans we have a sacred responsibility to this Earth, to protect Her and each other, doesn’t make me or anyone else unspiritual. In fact, in a world of placated apathy mistakenly cloaked as spirituality we need more people willing to put their ass in the game. To stand for each other. To stand for ourselves.  We need those willing to value and honor the power of their voice and see the influence it holds for the greater good of all people when collectively we rise in solidarity.

We need more people willing to realize that spirituality does not equal neutrality. Neutrality is what got us here. Neutrality allowed the horrific wound known as the Holocaust and the brutality of slavery (and its modern-day iterations that incredulously still occur far too frequently. Which is to say that it still happens at all) Neutrality has us turn our heads when a group is systematically suppressed and rights are stripped because we fail to realize doing so does not protect us from having our own rights stripped down the line. In fact, it nearly assures it.

What is the quote? If you stand for nothing you fall for everything? I’m done falling for anything. With eyes, wide open and a voice fully engaged my spiritual ass is going to see it all. Feel it all and then act. Because some day likely here soon I, as a woman, may need you to support me and my fellow sisters. To act for us. So, I rise to do what I can to protect us all and that includes being willing to say what I think, to share my beliefs and not quiet my opinions because it may alienate me from a client. The truth is the type of clients who would be alienated by their coach having an opinion and the strength to stand in it are not my jam. They can be someone else’s jam but I am seeking out those who want a coach/healer et al. who leads by integrity. Who walks her talk. Who understands that we may not all agree but we all have the right to (and should) speak our truth. 

May you all rise in the power of your own voice. May you scream from the mountain tops how you feel and then act constructively to back up that opinion as best you can keeping in mind that there is no act too large or small. 

Laura Brown