Healing With The Cancer New Moon

We have been swimming waters deep with transformation and growth. For some, perhaps those who have been a willing participant to this transformation, it has been a serene experience and for others rife with thunder and rain. The skin of our former selves has been shed and we have seen wounds, new and old fester and explode to the surface and have felt the soothing healing that comes when we acknowledge our pain and explore our feelings. 

Monday's new moon in Cancer brings further healing to our lives. Cancer refuses to allow us to ignore our feelings. Cancer pushes us to dive deep into our emotional needs and tend, in the most luscious of ways, to our self. It is the most sacred of sacred self care because Cancer cares. Cancer feels and does so deeply. Cancer knows that in order to dance with pleasure we must invite in the pain. In order for there to be resurrection something must first wither and die.

There is balance with this new moon. Though we are feeling our wounds deeply and unable to ignore the emotions which rise to the surface we are also aware of the beauty, mystery and magic that life provides.  

Venus is also sitting in Cancer urging us into our truest expression, our sacred feminine and divinity. Sextiling Jupiter, Venus brings a bounty of gifts urging us to birth creativity, positivity and hope in our lives. We are reminded that even in the darkest of storms there is magic brewing. 



There is a major emphasis on regeneration and healing with this new moon and the general energy surrounding us as of late. There is no level that is untouched by this call to heal ourselves. Emotionally we are feel everything deeply, energetically we must release ties which have dithered our vibration, mentally we are reminded that we are the masters of our universe and physically we are aware that our body temple deserves only the best. 

The medicine that has been exceptionally helpful for me in my own exploration of healing has been life changing and truly supportive of my growth.

I have walked with Teal Fluorite in meditation and Reiki self-healings. It is a stone as varied as the deep waters of Cancer itself. It has assisted me with getting in touch with my truest purpose, my true North and helping to balance the strong intuitive waves that are washing over me. 

You can use teal or any fluorite you happen to have on hand and work with this stone in meditation or simply keep a piece on your person to allow you to receive its medicine as you go about your day. 

To tend to my body temple I have joyously been exploring Anima Mundi Apothecary. Their elixirs and tonics have been a great healing source for me. The energy of these products is matched only by the love and knowledgable care that goes into their crafting. I am particularly fond of their Dream, Viridem, and Curam Elixirs. I am excited to take things further with there Panacea Cleanse

While cleanses may not be your jam you can honor your body temple by filling it with healthy and nutritious food that serves as the best fuel for your vitality. Paying attention to not over extend yourself and taking time out for self care will help you to welcome healing to your physical body. 

To further my spiritual self care I gifted myself the treasure of re-attuning and learning about Reiki through the beauty and encouraging Goddess of Elle North over at Drawing Within. There are few words to adequately convey how much her Intuitive Reiki has assisted in unearthing long held wounds and release them for good. 

Even if you may not feel ready to delve into a healing modality you can tend to your spiritual evolution by spending some time becoming clear on your beliefs. Perhaps carve out some time each day to spend in meditation or prayer or be of service to those in your community. 



We are all in a deep place of clearing, regenerating and ascension. The struggle is real but in this case the struggle is actually a blessing. It is difficult work to know ones self. It is difficult to face ourselves. It is damn hard to accept where we are and work towards where we want to be. It is, however, worth it. It is the releasing of the idea of where or who we should be and no longer feeling the burden of the pressure that comes when we live with old narratives and old pictures that have long held us captive. What would you be? Where would you go if you knew there was no chance of doing it wrong but only the triumphant freedom of living a full and whole life. 


New Moon Blessings!


Laura Brown