Full Solstice Moon: Expulsion & Propulsion

Monday, June 20th we are given the gift of experiencing a Full Moon in Sagittarius coupled with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This combination offers us a powerful time for witnessing a massive release followed by a beautiful calling back of our energy that leaves us feeling enlightened and aware in areas of our life that perhaps before we hardly understood at all. It provides us with a powerful opportunity for growth and expansion that is aligned with our highest desires and potential.

This Full Moon occurs at 29 degrees Sagittarius which stimulates a karmic degree which is present at the ending of each sign. This is our culmination- where suddenly everything falls into place and we experience a beautiful awareness. It reminds us that the shadows we have been experiencing are not without their purpose.

For so many of us the last few months have come with great hardships, challenges and feelings of disappointment. We have seen previously established foundations crumble and experienced the shock, energetically and physically, that comes with these changes. This lunation signals the ending of this chapter of struggle but only if we collectively assess our internal and external truths and how we have perhaps gotten off course.

While many of us will want to run we are encouraged to stay the course and do the work. Through the work we see an understanding of why we have experienced the struggles of the past 6 months and begin to again feel a sense of great hope that possibility is again entering our life. If you are like me, you are filled to the brim at the chance to see an ease of the tension of late. On a personal level the lunations of the last 6 months have led to a great release across the entire spectrum of my life and I know that I am not alone. Personally and collectively we are learned the value of what is stable and true because its only those facets of our life which have been unaffected.

During my meditation on what we needed to know about this lunation my guides continued to repeat expulsion. Expel those things in your life eating away at your spiritual moral compass. Expel relationships that have tethered your growth. Expel fear and scarcity. With expulsion we see massive propulsion. By tending to our karmic challenges we set forth energy that allows for renewal. While we all may feel universally triggered understand that these are breakthrough moments that will change the landscape of our life for the better.

On a grander scale this Full Moon taking place in Sagittarius with the Sun diving into the deep waters of Cancer later in the day provides us with a unique combination of energy. It can be difficult to navigate energies diametrically opposed such as that of Sagittarius and Cancer. On one hand we will feel this deep desire to honor the archer within us and blaze a brilliantly unique and individual path thanks to Sagittarius and on the other we ache for the safety and security of our home courtesy of the Sun in Cancer. We will feel things deeply and have a very visceral experience thanks to the deep waters of Cancer. This urges us to become familiar with how we can see both of these forces at work in our lives and on the world stage. How we can lend our energy to the collective purpose and blaze our own unique trail while feeling rooted in our true north? It’s a realization that we are just as much part of the process and yet removed from it. We are connected and simultaneously individual and unique.

A powerful way to work with the magnetic and possibility rich energy of this lunation both on a personal as well as collective level is through commitment. I encourage each of us to make an intention or commitment ; one for ourselves and another for the collective. Perhaps create sacred space and meditate on each of these intentions and send your energy outwards towards these goals.  Whether you participate in a full ritual or spend a few quiet moments in stillness focusing on these intentions know that the power is the same. The power, however, does not end with setting the intention but by extending the intention into each day. Each day we should take action towards opening to and affirming our commitments on both the personal an collective level. If our goal is to open ourselves to healthy love then we can begin by loving ourselves fully. If we desire for our world to become a place of inclusivity we can smile at a stranger, offer to pay for the person behind us at the gas station or volunteer our time at a center of our choosing.

There is such a wonderful and powerful energy associated with this moon that will allow us to make considerable changes on a personal and collective level. It’s a time of shadow and light; endings and beginnings. May we all collectively send our energy and prayers towards healing the collective and knowing that when we send our energy outwards towards the whole we welcome back healing on a profound, personal level.

Many Full Moon (and solstice!) Blessings,



Laura Brown