5 Planets Retrograde: A Massive Unveiling

Hello Moon babes! I have been offline and not posting a great deal (much to my content calendars chagrin!) due to a nasty cold that has hit our home. I feel, however, that this was more or less a cover to get me to slow down, take stock and really settle in with some shit. And you know what, I am not alone. 

We are all feeling a shift that is taking place as we currently have 5 planets which are retrograde; something we have not experienced in 10 years! 

Now before you go and begin the moaning brigade or frantically rush around your home, gathering supplies so that you can hide out under your bed for the next several weeks lets evaluate our perspective. Retrogrades are not something to avoid or bemoan. They are incredibly rich opportunities for clearing space and welcoming in fresh energy and opportunity! Those who go on and on about the damages or pitfalls retrogrades can bring are catering only to the lower vibrational aspects of these transits-which is a bit like painting with only one color. 

In truth this is a high vibrational experience that is expounding themes of growth, acceptance, transformation and accountability. If properly understood there is no limit to the growth that can be had in every inch of your life in 2016 and well beyond. 

So what planets are appearing to moon-walk in the sky? 

*Mars-passion, motivation, war and major take charge mojo.

*Pluto-transformation and destruction. 

*Mercury-communication, technology, flow

*Saturn-structure, limitation, responsibility and structure.

*Jupiter-good fortune, luck, opportunity. 

If you want to learn more about each individual retrograde as well as their specific dates of backwards and forwards movement I've linked an article I have written and encourage you to consult with the Google to learn more. 

When we look at these retrogrades collectively, however, we see a powerful theme emerge. We are being encouraged, and even pushed violently at times, to unveil ourselves. Its time to step into our authentic selves, that part of us untouched by experience. We are being asked to get in touch with that part of us which remembers we are perfectly whole, unbroken and luminous. We are not the experiences, wounds or circumstances that we have allowed to shroud the perfection of who we are. We are not projects needing to be fixed or damaged goods. We are divinely and inherently spiritual perfection. 

These collective transits are going to highlight every fracture, cut, or gaping hole in our life. Some of our lesser qualities will be amplified in order so that we may see them for what they are. Unchecked some of these qualities may create absolute havoc in our lives just so that we can see first hand how toxic these patterns of thinking, being or feeling are. The hope is that in doing we are scared shitless and resolve to take whatever action necessary to give said quality the boot. 

We will be forced to examine our relationships with ourselves and others. How many of us have stayed in something because we felt that it was the best that we could get? How many of our friendships dithered and died long ago and yet we let them stay in the peripheral because there is history between you? How many times have you dug into the deepest parts of you, willing yourself to stay with someone who you didn't love or who didn't properly love you out of fear of unworthiness. 

In what ways have we sabotaged our own progress professionally? Have you asked for less than you know your worth out of a scarcity mindset? Have you allowed yourself to become less consistent and therefore less a viable asset to your clients or co-workers? Or better yet how many of us get up each morning and head to an office and curse our every moment until we finally walk out, get in our car and can go home? 

This is an unprecedented clearing out. Those things which are not serving our highest good are going to be systematically demolished and without any permission beforehand. In some cases it may be more subtle. We may no longer feel the need to reach out to someone who we simply have trouble relating to anymore. In other cases it may be much more in our face and emotionally charged. I have found this especially true for me in the last 6 months. Those relationships which were crafted when I was not in the same place I am now slowly began to lose their vitality. It was not an event of tornadic proportions or a single event which signaled the relationship was dead but it was clear that certain people were in my life who no longer belonged there. 

There will be many who will fight this transformation. They will cling to unhealthy patterns of behavior. They will switch alliances, backstab (you and even themselves) and otherwise kick and scream to avoid what can sometimes be an uncomfortable yet magnificent process. They will perhaps try to bring you down or maybe you are the one kicking and screaming. Either way understand that engaging in drama, creating drama or otherwise inviting drama into your life right now will only make what can be a peaceful and beautiful process difficult and tumultuous. 

No matter the tone that it takes its important to embrace each situation with absolute acceptance. Remember that this is not about punishment but rather about cleaning house. We cannot remove layer upon layer of smut and conditioning to unveil our glorious perfection if we are clinging to what no longer serves us. 

To fully work with these energies in the most healthful and productive fashion possible I offer you the following suggestions. 

1. Spend time in meditation

It can be as involved or simplistic as you desire. It may be only 5 minutes or 50. The particulars are not important. What is important is that we begin to create spaciousness and stillness. Meditation affords us the chance to filter through the BS and see things clearly. 

2. Take stock.

Where are you at right now? What do you like about it? What do you dislike? What do you want to work on? Make a list or if you are more visually inclined vision board that ish. Take some time to really get clear on where you are at and where you would like to be so that forming a plan to get from point A to point B is possible. 

3. Release.

If something or someone is trying to race towards the exit door of your life then let it/them. This is not a time to grasp or to force your will. Anything that is beginning to fall apart right now is meant to so allow it. 

4. Trust in your goodness.

You are fully capable. You are not broken, you are not damaged. You are not destined to suffer. All of you, even parts of yourself that you are not particularly fond of make up the entirety of who you are. Anything you do not care for can be worked on. Anything out of alignment can be brought to balance. Trust in your abilities and the wonderment that is your being and know that you are always in control. 

Step into your perfection and shine so bright there isn't a single being alive who cannot see you coming! 




Laura Brown