3 Ways to Feel Like a Goddess (even when you feel like sh*t)

I am going to let you all in on a little secret. Some days I feel like absolute shit. My hair game, clothing game, emotional well being game, my weight game is all off and I generally just want to curl into my super comfortable bed with the kindle app and read the day away.

With kids who need to be fed, clients and orders that need my attention and you know, like a house I have to manage curling away in my bed when I may feel less like myself is not always (if ever, really) possible.

So what is a Goddess to do when she feels less than Goddess-like?

I’m so glad you asked!


1.           Take some time for yourself.

Yes, hiding away all day may not be practical but carving out some time for yourself is ALWAYS possible. Whether that means calling upon a good friend, your partner or someone else you trust to grab the kids from school while you meditate or schedule in some time that is free for you to get lost in a good book for an hour it is entirely possible to take some time for yourself each day. On days when you are feeling less than the bad-ass Goddess that you are its even more important to make you a priority.


2.          Fake it till you make it, sister friend.

It may sound a tad superficial, and perhaps it is as it will not solve all the ills in our world but looking good can do wonders towards feeling good. Take a hot bath (or shower if baths aren’t your jam), blow dry your hair and do it up, slap on some make-up and pick an outfit that makes you feel like a stunner. Then look in the mirror and whisper “Lookin’ Good, mama” and believe it. Its not going to fix everything that is making you feel “blah” but it is going to lift your spirits and infuse your day with a little extra oomph that is likely very much needed.


3.          Spend some time with your tribe.

There are some days that are such a total cluster f$ck that the only thing that is going to save me is some girl time. I call up one of my closest friends who is always down for whatever fun we can get our hands on and say “lets do it up tonight”. Whether you call in a cadre of supportive friends or just touch base with one matters not. What matters is that you open space for the support, laughter, advice and sometimes mayhem that our tribe can provide us. No one sees us for the Goddess we are like our tribe and we all could use a reminder that not only are we stunning Goddesses but we have surrounded ourselves with some pretty amazing God’s/Goddesses as well.


There is always an ebb and flow-you are not going to avoid days when you are not feeling 100%. You do always, however, have the choice to either resign yourself to the doldrums or make your sparkle shine bright!